Having kids around can be fun, bringing joy not just to the lives of their parents but also to people who come across them. But just like most kids, they can be too playful, which some people might consider annoying. Yes, people who aren’t fond of kids exist – and that included one woman from Melbourne, Australia.

In January 2023, an Australian who goes by Baby Soja on TikTok aired her frustration about being in spaces with kids playing around.

In the video, she said she wants to live in a suburb where only adults are the only ones allowed to live.

“I would like to know when somebody is planning on opening an adults-only suburb, where everything in it is only for adults,” she said.

In her defense, she explained that she could no longer tolerate all the screaming that kids do in public spaces.

“Because I’m so sick of going places and kids are just everywhere screaming and I just have to put up with it,” she remarked.

Baby Soja’s sentiments came after she went for a swim and encountered kids jumping in the lap lane pool, even though there are pools intended only for kids.

“I just went for a swim. They have their own pool and they’re in the lane pool not swimming laps just jumping in and screaming and that’s just allowed because they’re allowed everywhere,” she said.

Acknowledging that some people might see her as evil, she demanded the creation of suburbs without kids.

“I just feel like for people like me that are evil and hate kids, we should have our own suburb where we can just be quiet and undisturbed,” she said.

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In the caption of her post, she also asked if there were pools around Melbourne where only adults are allowed because she wants to enjoy her peace and quiet.

“I know I’m evil but they’re SO loud please I want peace and quiet are there adults-only pools in Melbourne?” she wrote.

The woman also used the hashtags #kidfree and #childfree in her bid to promote spaces without kids.

Of course, her sentiments received mixed reactions from other people. One person said that she should not be too hard on kids as she, too, was once a kid.

“You used to be a kid mate.. ya know. So get over getting older,” one person said.

Some parents even approved of her recommendation, including a mom who said people indeed deserve child-free spaces. “As a parent of two small children, I completely understand what you’re saying and respect that childfree people need space too,” one mom wrote.

Baby Soja responded to the woman with: “I just wanted to have a calm swim in the evening and not be splashed at and jumped on.”

“As a mum, I agree. I hate going to dinner without my kids to listen to other people’s kids carry on. There should be more adult-only places,” another mom said. “Thank you! I’m not bagging on families existing just sometimes want a quiet break,” she replied.

While some people might say that adults can go to bars or clubs to enjoy kid-free spaces, one person pointed out that there are adults who want to enjoy spaces without alcohol or somewhere where they can relax.

“I get this because I want more adult-only spaces that aren’t centered around alcohol or just for the nighttime,” the person said.

Baby Soja seconded the person’s thoughts and simply responded with: “Exactly.”

What can you say about the woman’s call for child-free spaces? Do you also want to live in the adult-only suburbs? Let us know what you think, and pass this on to your family and friends who might find this story interesting!

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