A West Virginia woman has emerged from a coma after 2 years, and revealed her attacker as her own brother.

According to Jackson County WV Sheriff’s Department, they wrote in a Facebook post: After 2 years of being hospitalized and in a coma resulting from being attacked, hacked, and left for dead, Wanda Palmer is now awake to see her assailant in custody – her brother, Daniel Palmer. Daniel Palmer is charged with Attempted Murder and Malicious Wounding following the June 2020 incident near Cottageville. Continued prayers for the victim, please. One Facebook user commented: Glad to hear she’s awake and doing better. Now I hope she gets some justice. Another added: Prayers for this lady, hope she continues to improve to be able live her life. As far as her brother, I can’t imagine what type of punishment he should have to face. A third wrote: Praise God she is awake and now able to put him behind bars! That’s sick her own brother did it, that poor women. He should get life.

The 51-year-old woman claimed that her brother beat her into unconsciousness using a machete or hatchet at her Cottageville home in June 2020. “When we got there, to be honest, we thought she was dead,” Jackson County Sherriff Ross Mellenger said, according to MetroNews. “We had a little bit of an idea what happened, but the problem was with the nuts and bolts of the case we had nothing to go on. There was no eye witnesses, nobody lived in the home, no surveillance footage, no cellphone records. There was virtually nothing there to move forward on,” Mellenger said, according to the outlet.

But the breakthrough came when officials received a shocking call saying that Wanda Palmer woke up from her coma. Mellenger’s office got a call from Palmer’s care facility saying she was able to speak to authorities.“The keys to the whole thing lay with the victim herself and with her unable to communicate we were left with nothing. Now low and behold two years later and boom, she’s awake and able to tell us exactly what happened,” he said. Despite severe brain damage in the attack she was able to answer only yes-or-no questions, according to CNN, but provided enough testimony for police to arrest Daniel. The 55-year-old was arrested and charged with attempted murder and malicious wounding on Friday. “He didn’t give us any fight or anything. There was a little bit of surprise, but not entirely,” Mellenger told MetroNews of the arrest.


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