Whoops! A TikToker didn’t realize there was a cake-cutting fee and ended up being charged $25 for the service. It can happen to the best of us!

Gigi, who goes by @vivala_blondiiie, recently celebrated her friend’s birthday with some friends. Gigi made a cake and took it to the restaurant they were going to be eating at. In the comments, Gigi explains that she worked as a server and had never heard of a cake fee. So when their server asks if they want her to cut the cake, Gigi said yes!.

@vivala_blondiiie I didn’t know this was a thing?!? 😳@BrazyBecca @Michelle Greene @Vanessa Valenbaer #ReadySetLift ♬ I try not to km.. – h

The video shows the receipt she received after the meal. The text overlay reads: “When the server asks if we want the cake WE brought cut, thinking she’s doing something nice for us…But it was 25 dollars.” She added an emoji of a sweating, smiley face showing her embarrassment at the situation.

In the comments, Gigi provided more information about the situation. She said she lives in Arizona and did not want the cake to melt in the car. She said she had no intent of actually eating the cake in the restaurant, just that she wanted to keep it cool.

However, although she was surprised by the cutting fee, she now understands it’s a relatively common option at a restaurant. Customers and servers in the comment section said that where they eat or work, a fee is charged because they use utensils and plates that need to be washed afterwards.

Be aware of corkage fees, too!

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