Poverty often forces people to do things they would never do in a normal situation.

That is why, when a woman had the choice of stealing or letting her children starve, she chose the first option without hesitation.

Woman stole eggs to feed her family and instead of arresting her, police officer brought her food

She tried to take out of the store, without paying, only five eggs but failed. She was caught almost immediately.

When police officer William Stacey arrived at the scene and learned about the woman’s story, instead of arresting her, he decided to come to the rescue.

It turned out that the “guilty” woman is raising 2 daughters, a sister and two grandchildren, one of whom is only a year old, and the second is three.

They live on only $120 a month.

However, apparently, fate considered that this was not enough. Someone robbed a woman last week, and the family ended up on the brink of starvation.

On Saturday, two days had passed since they had last eaten. So the woman decided to go to the supermarket.

She had just over one dollar and the determination to get 5 eggs.

The woman was in great despair when she discovered that the eggs were a little more expensive than she bargained for. But she put 5 pieces inside her pockets anyway.

Unfortunately, she was detained, and the eggs were taken away.

“I must be a useless thief,” she said.

Woman stole eggs to feed her family and instead of arresting her, police officer brought her food

Supermarket employees took notice of her immediately after they noticed that the egg yolk and whites had leaked out of both of the woman’s pockets.

The poor thing immediately confessed that she had stolen them to feed her family.

The police arrived on a call from store personnel. But when Officer William Stacey heard why the woman had behaved so badly, he decided not to detain her.

A unanimous decision was made not to sue Mrs. Johnson and let her go.

But when the officer came to her, she was convinced that he was going to arrest her. She began to cry.

In fact, the police officer just decided to make sure that what she said was not a lie, and came to see how she lives.

Seeing the frank need in the family, he realized that the woman was not deceiving and was actually guided by despair.

The policeman bought a pack of eggs. And when the woman tried to ask how she could thank him, he only asked her not to shoplift again.

He hugged her and left.

The next day, William, along with his colleagues, arrived at the lady’s house in two cars, in which there were provisions for the whole family.

“I haven’t seen so much food in a long time. The last time it was when I was twelve years old, and I lived with my grandmother,” the woman said.

“I cried with joy for almost a whole day.”

After that, the police decided to create a fund. They began to raise funds to somehow help the woman’s family.

Many responded, and from different parts of the world.

The woman was sent money, food and clothes.

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