Leslie David is a bit of an adventurer. As she pursues her career in photography, she found interest in old and abandoned buildings. She loves photographing these homes, and she shares beautiful pictures of them on social media platforms such as her popular Instagram account which she calls The Tourist.

One day while hunting for abandoned homes to photograph, she found a broken-down building that was overgrown in weeds and had a roof that was collapsing. Despite the appearance, she knew she had to get inside and photograph it anyway to make some beautiful artwork out of a less than favorable situation.

Through her wild and spontaneous life as a photographer living in Ontario, Canada, she finds all kinds of surprises. But one surprise shocked her more than anything she’d ever stumbled upon before.

After sharing what she encountered online, she has received the attention of Instagram users from all around the world. Although Leslie thought that the house she was entering was abandoned, she was mistaken. Inside she found an old man named Lawrence.

Lawrence has difficulty moving around and spends the majority of his time inside the broken-down house alone. Lawrence only has one eye, and his remaining eye suffers from cataracts. Even though a stranger walked in on Lawrence’s safe spot, he was still kind and welcoming to Leslie.

He even let her take photographs of him inside of the house! Once Leslie was done for the day, she said her thank you to Lawrence and promised she would come back.

The next time Leslie was free, she came back to the house. This time, she brought beverages and food and spent a few hours with Lawrence talking about life and learning about each other. She reminisces about how kind he is and helped him reorganize the inside of his home.

But this wasn’t a one-time visit. Leslie and Lawrence became actual friends out of their chance encounter. Lawrence even revealed that he is so isolated from the outside world that it once took four entire days for him to receive medical assistance after suffering a stroke.

Leslie knew she had to help Lawrence live a better life, so she found a nearby business to help Lawrence get his house in order. But when Lawrence knew that his age was increasing and his health was declining, their conversations turned grimmer, including discussions about funeral arrangements.

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