Woman passed at 97 and shares her signature fudge recipe on her headstone

She’s making hearts and bellies full even after she’s gone. ❤️

Losing a loved one is one of the most heartbreaking experiences anyone can undergo. But as painful as grief can be, we still find solace in our memories of those who have passed—the precious moments we look back on after their death.

Those moments can be preserved with recordings, artifacts, photos, even recipes for a signature dish.

In a quiet, peaceful cemetery in Logan, Utah, where Kathryn “Kay” Andrews now rests, visitors who wish to pay their respects can also learn how to make her signature fudge.

By reading the ingredients engraved on her headstone.

When Andrews’ husband, Wade, died back in 2000, she knew she’d be joining him soon. So, she decided to have the recipe for her famous fudge treats engraved on her headstone. That way, her family and friends could recreate them and be reminded of her presence.

According to the headstone, the recipe calls for two squares of chocolate and two tablespoons of butter melted on low heat. Then, stir in a cup of milk until boiling and add three cups of sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla, and a pinch of salt. After that, cook the chocolate to a softball stage (when it is pliable) and place it onto a marble slab.

Then, like the headstone says, just “cool, beat, and eat.”

Kay was known for her delicious fudge treats, her welcoming personality, and wholesome nature. “She really loved people,” said Janice, Kay’s daughter. “She would write poetry, and she would take fudge whenever people got together.”

Kay and Wade first met each other in New York City and immediately went crazy for one another.

At the time, Kay was studying fashion and design while Wade was an air force bomber about to return to Europe during World War II. The two went on a single dinner date at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, and Wade returned to the war. But they never forgot one another.

During Wade’s tour, the couple exchanged hundreds of letters, waiting for the day they would reunite.

When Wade received his B-24 bomber, the crew had painted a nude pin-up girl on the side of the warplane. Being a man of faith, Wade had a bathing suit painted over her and named the plane “Salt Lake Katie,” after his love.


Once his tour ended, he traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah, and proposed to Kay. They officially tied the knot on December 18th, 1944. Since then, they’ve had five children and remained together until Wade’s death, whose own headstone had a collection of images representing his life. And now with his wife by his side, the two are now at rest together forever.

While Kay is gone, her simple wish to share her recipe with others was granted. Her headstone recipe became a viral sensation and is sure to be replicated by countless sweet tooths.

If you’re curious and would like to try out this tasty treat, take a minute and check out the video below.

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