A woman has been left in tears after getting a blackout neck tattoo that she claims has completely changed the shape of her face.

There’s no way around it – tattoos are a commitment. It’s widely believed that the body ink should have personal meaning behind it to make it worthwhile, but simply having art that you like on your body seems as good a reason as any.

The topic of tattoos can often be divisive, especially between generations. Generally speaking, they are more socially accepted by younger generations and workplaces are beginning to ease the rules about having them on display.

That being said, getting a tattoo is no small matter because they are permanent, and unless removed in a costly and expensive way, they will be with you for life.

When they go wrong it can be disastrous, and one woman has found that out in the absolute worst way after a blackout neck tattoo changed the shape of her face, she claimed.

The woman posted on her TikTok account (@spaceatmidnight) where she showed her followers her new ink, though it’s clear she has some regrets.

Please tell me good news because I need it 😭 I just got it done yesterday so it’s still fresh and healing. #tattoo #necktattoo #blackouttattoo #blackout #alt #identycrisis

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Her upper cheeks, lower chin, and half of her neck are completely blacked out with fresh ink. “I’m having a whole entire identity crisis… because it slightly alters the shape of my face,” she began while holding off tears.

Despite it seeming like a bizarre decision, she reveals that she had thought long and hard about getting the tattoo and that she even drew and painted it on herself to see if she liked it.

But that’s where the problems began, as she would always draw it below her jawline whereas the tattoo artist inked it on slightly above.

“It’s on my actual face,” the woman went on. “I feel like my face is smothering into my neck.” The caption of the video asks viewers to give her good news, which some were on hand to do.

“Breathe in and let go. This has happened, it will look better when the swelling goes down. This moment will pass and you will be okay,” one user wrote.

A second added: “Maybe it’s swelling I’d imagine that the skin would swell a bit with a tattoo like that. maybe give [it] a day.”

Other viewers were shocked at what the tattoo artist had done. One person said: “I feel you a thousand percent, you are not overreacting.”

In a follow-up video, the woman added that the artist is not at fault. The design was first added with a stencil and it was approved by all parties.

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