Woman Gets 2 Years for Storing Her Dead Grandmother in Freezer to Collect SSI Checks

A Pennsylvania woman is facing at least two years in prison for storing her dead grandmother’s remains in a freezer to continue collecting the decedent’s Social Security benefits.

Cynthia Black, 63, will spend two years behind bars in addition to two years probation after completing her prison term.

Authorities found the grandmother’s remains at the foreclosed home after a potential buyer found two black garbage bags containing skeletal remains in the home’s basement. A DNA test confirmed that the remains were of Black’s grandmother Glenora Reckord Delahay.

Black told authoriteis that Delahay passed away in 2004 at their home in Ardmore, PA. Black moved to a new home in the borough of Dillsburg where the remains were eventually found. Police say federal Social Security paid Delahay $186,000 from 2001 to 2010, to which Black collected for herself for 46 months.

Black is set to begin her sentence on July 15.


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