The business owner faced a lot of heat for suggesting customers wear the racy number to the sombre occasion.

A woman has been blasted over a ‘disrespectful’ funeral outfit which includes an extreme cut-out feature. The business owner faced a lot of heat for suggesting customers wear the racy number to the sombre occasion, reports the Daily Star.

The small business owner of British brand “ EdgyLittlePieces ” took to social media to share the outfit which she branded as ‘perfect’ for a funeral fit. The black halter-neck mini-dress she was sporting featured large cut-outs that showed her cleavage and torso, with spaghetti straps that crisscrossed over her body.

In a video, posted on TikTok, she said: “Hi ladies. So we’ve had so many people asking for funeral fits and we’ve just got this piece in today, so look no further.

“We think it’s absolutely perfect.” The caption of the clip, which has gained more than 54,000 likes and 62,000 views, said: “Funeral dresses back on pre-order now.”

The outfit caused a real stir on social media, with people quick to give their opinions on the controversial dress. Many social media users branded it “inappropriate” and “disrespectful” for the occasion.

One user said: “Is it me or does this seem disrespectful?” Another, agreed, stating: “There’s no way someone would wear that to a funeral.”

A third commented: “For a funeral bit inappropriate.” Another person claims they would be ‘disowned’ if they sported the dress.

They said: “If I put this on for a funeral I think I would get disowned.” Meanwhile, others suggested that the outfit may be more appropriate for a nightclub or party.

However, the business owner has since responded to the comments claiming the dress is “super modest” and customers seem happy with their purchase.

She argued in a follow-up video: “[I] have to disagree. We’ve had so many girls wear this to funerals and they messaged us and said they got so many compliments.”

“It’s super covered up, it doesn’t show any cleavage, and it’s super modest as well.”

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