• Neena Pacholke, 27, killed herself last month in the Wausau, Wisconsin, home she and fiancé Kyle Haase had bought together in July
  • He called off their wedding less than two months before they were due to wed
  • A police report reveals how Kyle requested police conduct a welfare check after receiving suicidal-like messages from Neena hours before her death
  • Police arrived on scene but were too late to save her life after she shot herself in the head with a 9mm handgun
  • A receipt on the bedroom dresser showed Neena had purchased the gun earlier that morning – about 90 minutes before she killed herself
  • In final text to Kyle, she apologized saying she ‘couldn’t take the pain any longer’
  • She told her sister in text messages that she was ‘broken’
  • ‘He [Kyle] told me he hates me and will feel like a million bucks once I am out of his life,’ she revealed to her sister in a heartbreaking text
  • DailyMail.com revealed how the split came after a tumultuous two-year romance filled with fights, heavy drinking and rumors of affairs
  • Neena even told one friend she returned to the house she shared with fiancé Kyle Haase and found an unfamiliar pair of panties, friends say

Bubbly newscaster Neena Pacholke killed herself with a handgun just 90 minutes after making the purchase from a Wisconsin weapons store, DailyMail.com has exclusively learned.

The tragic end to her life came after her fiancé Kyle Haase broke up with her just seven weeks before they were due to marry.

The split came after a tumultuous two-year romance filled with fights, heavy drinking and rumors of affairs.

Neena even told one friend she returned to the house she shared with fiancé Kyle and found an unfamiliar pair of panties, friends say.

Pacholke was found dead last month in the $390,000 home she and Haase had just bought in Wausau, Wisconsin.

DailyMail.com have now obtained the full police report which details the efforts police and family members went to, in the hours before she took her own life.

A worried friend had even called 911 and asked police to do a welfare check, but by the time they got there, Neena was already gone.

The report details how several officers went round to Neena Pacholke’s home on the morning on August 27 after she had made a number of suicidal comments in text messages.

The day before, a friend had removed all firearms from the home for fear of Neena’s precarious mental state.

Fiancé Kyle was on his way to Minnesota to see his mother along with his children but spoke to Neena who told him that she was ‘going to do something’, however she was not specific.

Kyle then contacted the police asking them to make a welfare check on Neena’s home. He advised them of the code for the garage in order that the police might be able to gain access to the interior of the home.

When police went home at 11:20am there was no response from inside.

Officers walked around the perimeter of the home and peered through the windows but could not see if anyone was present.

Suddenly they heard a noise and clattering as if something had fallen.

Police waited for around half an hour and they considered ways to get inside the home before finally forcing a door open.

Officers went into a bedroom where the smell of gunpowder lingered in the air.

They found Neena in a closet leaning against the wall with a firearm laying next to her right hand on the ground.

There was also a mark in the wall where the bullet had passed through her skull into the drywall.

On the dresser in the bedroom was a receipt from Zingers and Flingers firearm store where Neena had bough a 9mm handgun at 10am that morning, just 90 minutes earlier, together with a box of ammunition for $840.

The ammunition box had been left open on the dresser with three rounds missing from the box.

Neena’s phone had also been plugged in to charge on the dresser.

The night before her death, she had made a number of searches on Google on how to end her life.

She also revealed in text messages to her sister that she was ‘broken’ and ‘needed someone to talk to.’

‘He [Kyle] told me he hates me and will feel like a million bucks once I am out of his life,’ she revealed to her sister in a heartbreaking text

In the minutes before the shooting, Neena sent a desperate message to Kyle. It was to be her final communication.

‘I love you Kyle. I always have and always will. Despite how much you ruined me, I always had hope. I’m so sorry to do this to you but I can’t handle any of this pain anymore.’

Kyle, who was driving with his children at the time of the message responded: ‘The police are there’ adding one minute later, ‘If you don’t answer they are going to open the door on their own.’

But it was too late.

Pacholke, 27, and Haase, 38, had closed on their house on July 27 – exactly one month before she took her own life there.

Pacholke’s friends say she always appeared more invested in her relationship with the father-of-two than he was.

‘They were always arguing, and it seemed like Neena was more in love with Kyle that he was with her,’ one friend told DailyMail.com.

Neena had also become suspicious that Kyle, who worked as a commercial sales manager at Imperial Industries may have hooked up with a former lover.

One friend said that just a few weeks ago Kyle showed a friend a nude picture that a former mistress had sent him, and he told the friend, ‘Look at her boobs and a**, I wish Neena’s body looked like that.

‘I don’t even want to go home to Neena,’ he added. ‘The only thing I get from her is a tax break because she only makes $47,000 a year?’

The couple had been due to marry on October 12 at the tony Barcelo Maya Palace all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico where rooms start at $550 night.

The couple, who met at a funeral in November 2020 when he was still married, had originally planned a large wedding in Wausau for next summer, but decided to bring the date forward. He popped the question on May 9.

Pacholke decided to give up her apartment in downtown Wausau and move into Haase’s rental house earlier this year.

But they had a big fight in early July, DailyMail.com has learned, and he told her he was kicking her out.

She rented a U-Haul truck on July 8 and moved all her belongings to a friend’s house. She stayed at a local hotel for three days before they reconciled.

Pacholke, who grew up in Tampa and was a star basketball player at the University of South Florida, was a popular figure in her adopted hometown.

But her fiancé is not so admired. ‘I never liked him,’ one friend told DailyMail.com.

‘He was always the drunkest one at the bar,’ said another. He made good money and wasn’t afraid to let everyone know it.’

Police were called in July to a breast cancer awareness fundraiser that the couple were attending at the Wausau Country Club, after Haase got drunk and belligerent.

He had won a basket as a prize but didn’t want it and tried to sell it to country club stockholder Corey Suthers.

When Suthers said no, Haase called him a ‘piece of s**t.’

‘He wanted his $2,000 back that he’d spent on a charity basket and when he didn’t get it, he started to throw out profanity and insults to me and everyone else inside the club,’ Suthers told DailyMail.com.

According to the police report of the incident Haase ‘made derogatory remarks’ about Suthers’s wealth coming from his father.

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