Tina Turner’s son died of cancer after he “got sick in 3 weeks,” wrote Afida Turner, his wife, on Friday evening in a post on Instagram. Ronnie Turner, 62, died on Thursday. Turner was already a survivor of the disease. according to

The Daily Mail. That morning, police received a call “stating that Ronnie was struggling to breathe outside his home,” according to The Daily Mail. “Ronnie was a terrific musician and bass player,” read the caption on his wife’s Friday Instagram post. Aida Turner called her husband an “amazing soul,” “heart of giant,” and a “true angel.” This is the second son that Tina Turner lost, after Ronnie’s elder brother Craig died by suicide in 2018. As Turner struggled to breathe on Thursday, neighbors attempted CPR but failed to revive him, and he was pronounced dead “on scene,” according to The Daily Mail. At the end of her Instagram post, Aida Turner sent one last message: “Fuck cancer.”


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