A woman who only revealed her initials as NA was shocked to learn that her former partner, whom she believed to be her “husband,” was actually a woman. The 22-year-old is now looking into suing her partner, who dated her fraudulently.

The Indonesian woman met her ex, who goes by a typically male name, Ahnaf Arrafif.

She claimed that she was a neurologist who graduated from a University in New York and met NA through a dating app in the city of Jambi. They finally met up online but retained their chastity for marriage. Within weeks of dating, Ahnaf – whose real name was Erayani – proposed to NA.

At this point, she had already met NA’s parents once when she had to go back to her parents’ home to help take care of them. Four months into their marriage, NA’s parents grew suspicious of Erayani who never introduced her own family and never seemed to be working any job related to her qualification as a doctor.

What’s even more suspicious was how she was always fully dressed, even when bathing whenever there were others around.

Things only became apparent when NA’s mother forced her to strip in front of them to prove that she was a man.

But after revealing that she was biologically a woman, Erayani went on to reveal her real name and how she’d lied about her background, including her job. NA spoke with the Jambi District Court, looking to sue her because she was under the impression that Erayani was a man.

They’ve been “intimate” all this time, but she later revealed that her partner never wants to go further than using their hands. She’s now in court but under accusations of falsifying her qualifications, not her gender.

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