26 years after the premiere of Matilda, a new movie based on the children’s novel by Road Dahl has been released. But this time, the story came alive through music. Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical was adapted from the 2011 stage musical and given the opportunity for a completely different cast to embody the characters that many of us grew up with. Now, let’s take a look at what those characters look like today.

Matilda Wormwood — Mara Wilson in 1996 and Alisha Weir in 2022

Agatha Trunchbull — Pam Ferris in 1996 and Emma Thompson in 2022

Miss Honey — Embeth Davidtz in 1996 and Lashana Lynch in 2022

Mr. Wormwood — Danny DeVito in 1996 and Stephen Graham in 2022

Mrs. Phelps — Jean Speegle Howard in 1996 and Sindhu Vee in 2022

Lavender — Kiami Davael in 1996 and Rei Yamauchi Fulker in 2022

Amanda Thripp — Jacqueline Steiger in 1996 and
Winter Jarrett-Glasspool in 2022

Bruce Bogtrotter — Jimmy Karz in 1996 and Charlie Hodson-Prior in 2022

Hortensia — Kira Spencer Cook in 1996 and Meesha Garbett in 2022

Bonus: Magnus — Road Dahl painting in 1996 and Carl Spencer in 2022

Have you watched both movies? If so, which one is your favorite?

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