Wedding guest cuts cake before bride and groom after making horrifying mistake

Wedding Guest Hailey had eyes for the cake and wasn’t dismayed when she saw that it hadn’t been cut, so she picked up a knife and sliced herself a piece – as friends watched on in shock

A woman was left red-faced after helping herself to the cake at a wedding – thinking that the bride and groom had forgotten to serve it. TikTok creator Hailey shared her story with her fans, explaining that she was a guest at the wedding and when it came time for dessert she had eyes for the cake – but sadly it hadn’t been cut yet.

But Hailey didn’t mind rolling up her sleeves and doing it herself, thinking she was doing her hosts a favour, so she walked confidently to the table and picked up a knife. She then sliced into the wedding cake between the figures of the bride and the groom, leaving friends in awe of her confidence and completely unaware of the faux pas.

Sharing her story online, Hailey captioned her video ‘my apologies to the bride and groom’, and described the incident.

She wrote: “Me, a guest at my friend’s wedding. Ignoring the brownie table and confidentially cutting myself a slice of her wedding cake thinking, ‘uh-oh! They forgot to serve it to everyone else’. I know better now, I hate myself.”

Soon Hailey was inundated with comments from fans, many of whom said they would never reveal their secret if they themselves had cut the cake.

One said: “You couldn’t pry this information out of me if I did this to someone at their wedding.”

Then a second wrote: “You have no idea how angry this is making me.”

And a third added: “This is funny but it really does tell you a lot about the type of person someone is.”

A fourth added: “This cannot be real.”

And another user agreed, writing: “Successfully making this wedding about you.”


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