A young girl named Jocelyn Rojas was reunited with her mother, Jaimee, after a nightmarish two-hour search of their hometown Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 2013. The little girl went missing suddenly, which led to a fervent search for her through the neighborhood. When two teenagers got to know of the situation, they went looking for her on their bicycles. They were able to spot a suspicious car, chase down the kidnapper, and save the little girl.

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Five-year-old Jocelyn Rojas played outside her grandmother’s apartment building as her mother Jaimee watched cautiously from a nearby window. As most mothers would, Jaimee had to steal a moment away from her watchful perch to attend to other matters of the home, but when she returned, Jocelyn was nowhere to be found, reports Daily Mail.

The police were quickly notified, and they worked swiftly with local firefighters and K9 units to locate the child. Neighborhood streets were blocked off, dogs sniffed frantically through the area, and neighbors scoured the perimeter posting flyers to try and find clues to the little girl’s whereabouts.

Nearby, then 15-year-old Temar Boggs and his friend, then 13-year-old Chris Garcia, were helping an elderly member of the community when a passerby showed them a picture of Jocelyn Rojas and told the harrowing tale of her disappearance. The young boys knew they had to go to work to find her, and so they set off on their bicycles to join the search for little Jocelyn, according to Daily Mail.

When asked about his determination to find the girl, Temar says in the video interview below, “I felt that I was going to find her.” Little did Temar know at the time, he would do just that and soon be known as a hero to the little girl and her family members.

As Temar and Chris cycled the neighborhood with a sharp eye out for anything suspicious, they noted a maroon car swerving down side roads and making U-turns as if the driver was unfamiliar with the area. Finding this behavior odd, to say the least, Temar and Chris began their pursuit.

Temar said of the experience in the video below, “Every time we’d go down the street, he’d turn back around, and then…we’ll follow him.” After about 15-minutes of chasing down the maroon Chevy, the abductor must have known he wasn’t going to get away, as he stopped the car and pushed the little girl out.

“He stopped at the end of the hill and let her out, and she ran to me and said that she needed her mom,” Temar recalls. Just minutes after finding the young girl huddled in the passenger seat of her kidnapper’s car, Temar and Chris reunited Jocelyn with her grateful family.

Grabbing Temar for a tight hug, Jocelyn’s grandmother said, “He’s our hero. There is just no words to say.”

A January 2019 update shows that Temar Boggs has fallen onto hard times, according to Penn Live News. He was sentenced to 40 months in prison for his role in an armed robbery in late 2018, reports Penn Live.

As of 2020, he was released on probation and has been trying to find employment. A GoFundMe page had been created to help Temar with his fines and to help him get back on his feet.

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