• Two Mississippi cops were shot and killed by a mom sitting with a young child
  • Amy Anderson, 43, was also killed, but it’s unclear if she shot herself
  • She was parked outside Motel 6 when officers arrived for a wellness check
  • They spoke with her for 30 minutes and she opened fire when they said they were calling child protection services
  • One officer died on the scene, and another in hospital. Anderson was found dead at the scene with a gunshot wound to her chest

Two Mississippi police officers were shot and killed by a mother who fired at them from inside her SUV parked at a motel while a 10-year-old girl sat in the car.

Dr. Amy Anderson, 43, a veterinarian, was also shot and killed in the incident.

Anderson was confronted by the officers who were called to conduct a wellness check on Tuesday at 4.30am outside a Motel 6 in Bay St Louis.

Police Sgt. Steven Robin, 34, and officer Branden Estorffe, 23, saw that Anderson was with a young girl and, after speaking with her for 30 minutes, decided to call child-protection services. Anderson then opened fire on the officers, hitting them both.

Officer Robin was pronounced dead in the parking lot, while Estorffe died after he was rushed to Memorial Hospital in Gulfport for treatment. Anderson was found dead at the scene, with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Police have not said whether the child in the car, who was uninjured in the altercation, was Anderson’s daughter.

Anderson worked as a veterinarian at MedVet Mobile and Lakeview Animal Hospital. Her Facebook profile shows that she had a daughter, and she lived in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

It’s unclear whether Anderson shot herself during or following the incident. Investigators initially said she had a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but discovered found that one of the officers fired a shot when she initially opened fire, WTOK reported.

It was unclear what happened to the young girl inside the SUV.

A woman can be heard saying ‘two officers down’ in the early morning police dispatch call to the motel parking lot crime scene.

As the tragic morning progressed, neighbors gathered to show support for the local police force.

PJ’s coffee, a local café where officers are known to gather, provided hot coffee for investigating officers and community members hung a commemorative wreath honoring the fallen policemen.

A local woman told WLOX that she ‘believes there’s positivity in numbers.’

‘We’re a strong community and I believe we have a lot of support and love from other communities as well…the whole Gulf Coast is one,’ said Donna Brignac, the manager of PJ’s coffee.

‘I am heartbroken by this terrible loss of two brave law enforcement officers,’ Gov. Tate Reeves posted on Twitter. ‘I am praying for their family, friends, their fellow officers, and the entire Bay St. Louis community.’

Bay St. Louis Police Chief Toby Schwartz vowed a thorough probe would be conducted to investigate the case.

‘A tragedy occurred here today in the city of Bay St. Louis as two of our finest officers’ lives were taken,’ Schwartz said.

Investigators on Wednesday blocked a large part of the motel parking lot with crime scene tape.

An officer was seen taking photos of the driver’s seat of the SUV just a step away from bloodstains on the pavement and discarded emergency medical equipment.

Other officers were looking inside a nearby police car parked in the Bay St. Louis neighborhood, a city of 10,000 people about 25 miles west of Biloxi.

On Thursday morning at a police press conference, Bay St. Louis Police Chief Toby Schwartz spoke in remembrance of officers Robin and Estorffe.

‘I’m not here to discuss the details of yesterday’s tragedy,’ he said, saying he was instead going to discuss the lives of ‘“two heroes that sacrificed their lives for the good of society.’

He requested prayers for all law enforcement officers, the families of the fallen officers and the family of the assailant.

‘They, too, are victims. They too will need the love and the support of their community,’ he said.

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