An Australian media commentator has unleashed on Meghan Markle, saying the Duchess of Sussex should ‘win an Oscar for her narcissism’.

Prince Harry and Meghan sparked major division after releasing their bombshell Netflix series, with Sky News host Rita Panahi pointing out that even left-leaning political site Politico published an opinion piece labelling Meghan a ‘narcissist’.

Panahi said she’d been living in a ‘Harry and Meghan free zone’ but couldn’t ignore how the left are ‘abandoning’ the Duchess.

The Australian’s media writer Sophie Elsworth joined in on the debate and said people were ‘getting sick and tired of their sob story’.

‘She should win a female Oscar for her narcissism, she is a shocker,’ she said on Sky News on Wednesday night.

‘That series she put out with Harry was shocking, it was a pile-on on the Royal family.

‘This woman makes money out of trashing the Royal family.’

Ms Elsworth noted Harry’s book Spare is due to be released next month and that on top of Meghan’s Archetypes podcast, and the couple’s Netflix documentary, many were growing weary of their complaints.

‘People are getting sick and tired of their sob story while they live in their plush mansion overseas,’ Ms Elsworth said.

‘They’re playing victims, and people are getting tired of it, and eventually this financial model they’ve got of making money will run out because I think people will get sick of this.’

Panahi pointed out their $100million Netflix deal would ‘go a long way’.

In the series the Duke and Duchess of Sussex claimed their trip to Australia in October, 2018 was the ‘turning point’ for their relationship with the Royal family – as it showed how popular they were, a development that ‘threatened’ other members of the family.

The couple had 76 engagements during their time in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, all while Meghan was pregnant.

‘I think Australia was a real turning point because they were so popular,’ their friend Lucy Fraser said in the production’s fourth episode.

‘So popular with the public, the internals at [Buckingham] Palace were incredibly threatened by that.’

The episode then cut to scenes of both Meghan and Harry being fawned over by Aussie fans.

‘The issue is when someone who’s marrying in, who should be a supporting act, is then stealing the limelight, or is doing the job better than the person who was born to do this – it upsets people, it shifts the balance,’ Harry said.



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