A 34-year-old pregnant mother was beaten, carjacked, and ran over on Thursday, February 23, while she was trying to protect her two-year-old son who was in the back seat of her Volkswagen. The woman, who is six months pregnant, is currently being treated in the hospital and is in stable condition with injuries to her torso and legs.


The officials said the woman pulled into her driveway at around 3.30 pm near Buckley Road and Milwaukee Avenue with her two children inside the car. She took one child into the house and then returned to take back the other child, according to ABC 7. But suddenly, a white BMW pulled into the driveway and blocked her in. An unknown person then got out of the car and got into a brawl with the woman and stole her car with the child still inside. One of the drivers then ran the woman over as they fled the scene causing serious injuries to her.

Police found the child near Waukegan

“She, of course, was fighting for her child as her child was inside the car. However, this offender knocked her to the ground, battered her, and jumped into the driver seat of her Volkswagen. She sustained some broken bones and some really serious injuries. They then fled, however, she had the strength and ability to call 911,” Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli said. The victim’s son was found on the same day at Routes 43 and 120 near Waukegan. The child was discovered after a person working at a business in the 2200 block of Lakeside Drive called 911 and informed that two cars enter the parking lot and the driver of one of the cars abandon a child and fled the scene, as per the report by CBS.

Who is the suspect?

The suspect is described as a man, tall, and thin wearing a light grey zipped-up hoodie, and a light green COVID-style mask, reports NBC Chicago. Though sheriff’s deputies also discovered the victim’s car in a parking lot near the intersection of Route 43 and Casimir Pulaski Street, they are still looking for the white BMW with a license plate of CS26906, which was stolen in the past week from a car dealership in Waukegan.


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