The 2023 Oscars were held on March 12, 2023, and one major famous face was missing: Tom Cruise. Many expected the actor to attend the ceremony, as his hit movie Top Gun: Maverick was nominated for best picture.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the reason Tom skipped the ceremony was that he didn’t want to run into Nicole Kidman — his ex-wife of 20 years ago.

A source told the outlet, “Tom was not there because she was there, and he did not want a run-in.”

The pair have not run into one another at any awards shows this season.

Sources close to Tom are denying the rumor and instead say that the actor had a scheduling conflict that stopped him from attending the show.

Tom and Nicole split up in 2001 amid rumors that the actress did not want to join the Church of Scientology.

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Tom did attend an Oscars luncheon in February that Nicole was not at.

It’s unclear what exactly might stand in the way of the two seeing one another at the same event. There’s more on this story in the video below.

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