The tot was prescribed antibiotics but suffered an allergic reaction so she had to stop taking them.

The heartbroken family of toddler are desperate for answers after she died just hours after being sent home from hospital. Little Hailey Thompson, who was 22 months old, was diagnosed with a virus on December 18.

Her parents Kris Thompson, 32, and Iboyla Adam, 35, say they were told to give Hailey fluids and paracetamol instead of antibiotics by staff in casualty. The next morning she was found unresponsive in her room and was later pronounced dead in hospital.

Devastated Kris and Iboyla, from Wigan, say their daughter’s case was not taken seriously enough and they “want answers” as to what happened. They have now complained to to the hospital board and an investigation has been launched.

On December 7, Hailey was suffering from a cough and runny nose so she was taken to see a GP. The tot was prescribed antibiotics but suffered an allergic reaction so she had to stop takin them, the Mirror reports.

When her symptoms continued, she was taken to another doctors appointment one week later and the family were allegedly told Hailey appeared to have a viral infection so she should be treated with Calpol and not antibiotics.

The following day, she appeared brighter and was seen running around, ate and drank well, and went to bed at the usual time of 6.30pm.

But just hours later at 11pm, Kris discovered her panting and immediately phoned an ambulance. When the emergency vehicle had not arrived within 20 minutes, a 111 operator informed him that there was two-hour wait.

He drove Hailey to A&E himself, where they reportedly waited for over five hours before she was examined.

The family were allegedly told to go home by a doctor who tested Hailey’s blood pressure but was unable to check her tonsils. They were told to bring her back to A&E in three days if she hadn’t improved and advised to keep her hydrated and dosed with Calpol.

She then woke up at noon, but was coughing, had a runny nose and was acting out of character.

For the final time, on Sunday December 18, at 6.15pm, Hailey was put to bed for the final time. Kris had noticed she was panting again that evening, but not as severely as earlier.

Less than six hours later, she was found “stiff”, “discoloured” and “lying in exactly the same position” Kris saw her in when she went to bed at midnight.

Kris carried out CPR before a paramedic took over and the tot was rushed to Wigan Infirmary, where she tragically died despite the best efforts of staff.

Kris said: “We want answers. How can a healthy baby die in her sleep?

“And why wasn’t she tested for strep A, scarlet fever or Covid for instance?”

A post-mortem examination cannot be carried out until Dec 28, while police have passed the details onto the coroner.

A spokesperson for Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust said: “Our sincere condolences go out to Hailey’s family at this tragic time.

“We are aware of the family’s concerns and are currently awaiting further information to understand more.”

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