The well-known walrus named Thor appeared in Breiðdalsvík, Iceland, nearly two months after he was last spotted in the UK as he heads home to the Arctic.

Thor was found lounging on a floating dock by Ellis Elisson, 41, who was supervising one of his fishing boats at a harbour in the small Icelandic fishing town on Friday morning.

At first, Ellis and his colleagues were wary of the walrus and admired him from afar.

However, after realising that all the marine mammal wanted to do was rest, they decided to move closer – still maintaining a safe distance.

Ellis, an east coast fisherman said: ‘We looked over and he was just chilling there.

‘He was there all day resting, and we’ve been over a few times and he hasn’t moved at all.’

He added: ‘The weather has been really good so we thought he has travelled a long way and now he is sunbathing.

‘I took some photos from a few meters away, but if anyone tried to get any closer than that, he wouldn’t like it.’

The news of the resurfacing of the celebrity reached the UK where British Divers Marine Life Rescue confirmed that it was definitely Thor after matching markings from the pale patches on the walrus’ fore flippers.

On Facebook, he said: ‘After Thor’s visit to the UK we wondered if we would ever see him again.

‘We are delighted to have been informed that he is in Iceland.’

Thor was last seen in Blyth, Northumberland on January 2, weeks after he was spotted resting up on a beach for several hours in Southampton.

The walrus, thought to be aged between three and five, will have travelled about 850 miles from his last visit to Blyth.

Large crowds excitedly gathered when the walrus was spotted resting on a wooden pontoon at a yacht club.

It is believed that he left his home in the Arctic circle earlier this winter and may have travelled from as far as Canada before he was spotted on the coast of Zeeland, in the southeast corner of the Netherlands, on November 6.

More than a month later, the marine mammal was spotted resting on Calshot Beach in Hampshire.

Fisherman Darren McKell was out with his wife Caroline and son Luke in the early hours when they found the ‘big lump’ on December 11.

Although his sighting was claimed to be ‘extremely rare’ and he was believed to be heading back to the Arctic circle, Thor reappeared in the Yorkshire seaside town of Scarborough on New Year’s Eve where he caused havoc for the town’s celebrations.

It was believed to be the first time a walrus has been spotted in Yorkshire, and a cordon was put around him to keep excited crowds from getting too close.

Council officials cancelled the town’s New Year fireworks in order to avoid disturbing the mammal, which is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Thor finally returned to the water on New Year’s Day, departing to cheers from locals.

Hundreds of people from all over the world have gathered in coastal towns to see the famous walrus who has been making his way north following his 3,000-mile journey down from the Arctic.

Ellis added: ‘I had no idea that this was the walrus that has famously been all over the world.

‘After the site posted the article people started to speculate, and now I know for sure that it was him.

‘He was alive and well, and I’ll be interested to see where he pops up next.’


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