Whenever parents see their children grow into adults and get married, one of the things that they get most excited about is the prospect of having grandchildren. They get to experience the joys of raising a child while leaving most of the responsibility with the parents themselves.

That’s why so many parents look forward to their kids having kids of their own. And, as it turns out, for certain couples, having grandchildren is more of a right than a privilege. That’s especially the case for Sanjeev Ranjan Prasad and his wife, Sadhana.

Both Sanjeev and Sadhana have been looking forward to having grandchildren for the longest time. Sanjeev is 61 years old, and he has opened up about the emotional struggles of waiting for his son and daughter-in-law to provide him with a grandchild.

He noted that his son has been married for more than six years now and works as a pilot and that he paid for his son’s education in the amount of around 3.5 million rupees which is approximately $50,000.

“We want a grandson or a granddaughter within a year or compensation because I have spent my life’s earnings on my son’s education.”

Impatient Grandparents

Prasad says that he feels like his son and daughter-in-law are being inconsiderate and selfish by not giving him a grandchild. “The main issue is that at this age we need a grandchild, but these people (my son and daughter-in-law) have an attitude that they don’t think about us… We got him married in the hope we would have the pleasure of becoming grandparents. It has been six years since their marriage.”

The frustration has been mounting on the part of Sanjeev and Sadhana as the two of them have been waiting in anticipation for a grandchild since their son got married. “It feels as if despite having everything, we have nothing,” commented Sanjeev.

Taking Matters into Their Own Hands

Since Sanjeev feels like his son and daughter-in-law refuse to heed his calls, both he and his wife have turned to the Indian judicial system for support. They have officially demanded their son to give them a grandchild within a year or else pay a penalty of 50 million rupees. While this concept may seem rather unusual, especially to the Western world, it’s been reported that the court has accepted this case and has scheduled for a hearing.

When asked for comment regarding the case, both the son and his wife have been unresponsive. Ultimately, Prasad has defended his actions by claiming that both he and his wife love children and they have been deprived of the chance to showcase their love to their grandchildren.

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