Things Guys Secretly Want From Their Girlfriends But Will Never Admit To

In relationships, guys can be confusing. They want a girlfriend they can trust and who understands their feelings, but not all of them know how to express their desires clearly.

Some guys find it hard to communicate what they really want in a relationship. Here are some things men want in a relationship but won’t ask for.


Compliments are a universal language of appreciation, and it’s no different for guys. While they might not openly express their desire for compliments, they secretly cherish those heartfelt words of praise.

It’s a beautiful feeling when you notice their efforts and take a moment to acknowledge them.

Whether it’s complimenting their new haircut, their fashion sense, or even their skills in the kitchen, your kind words hold immense power.

So, don’t hold back and let them know how handsome they look, how great they are at what they do, and watch how it works out in your favor.


Men appreciate emotional support just like anyone else, even though they may seem strong on the outside. When they’re going through tough times or facing challenges, having you by their side means the world to them.

Knowing they can rely on you for strength and comfort makes them feel safe. It shows that you’re a team, ready to face anything together. So, be there for him during the ups and downs of life, and your presence will reassure him, which he’ll really cherish.

When you make the first move:

In a world where traditional dating rules still exist, it’s very attractive and empowering for a woman to take the lead.

Guys really appreciate it when you make the first move. Whether asking them out on a date, going in for the first kiss, or telling them how you feel, it shows that you’re confident and not afraid to pursue what you want.

It’s a pleasant surprise for them and boosts their confidence, knowing that you like them as much as they like you. So, don’t hesitate to take charge and make the first move.

When you ask for his advice

Men love feeling needed and valued. It boosts their confidence when you ask for their advice.

Whether it’s a big decision or just choosing an outfit, getting their input makes them feel involved and respected. They like knowing that their thoughts matter to you.

So, the next time you’re uncertain about something, go ahead and seek his advice. You’ll not only make him feel good but also strengthen the bond between you two.

Telling Him What You Want

Clear communication is the key to any successful relationship, which also holds true for guys. While they might not always pick up on subtle hints, they genuinely appreciate it when you openly express your wants and needs.

It’s not about being demanding; rather, it’s a way of helping him understand you better and develop a deeper connection. So, speak your mind and tell him what you desire – he’ll admire your honesty and be more than willing to meet your needs.

Sweet Romantic Gestures

Romance is a language that everyone enjoys, and guys love sweet, thoughtful gestures. It’s not just about big things; little things matter too.

Making his favorite home-cooked meal after a long day, leaving a heartfelt note, or planning a date he’d love all show you care.

These gestures make him feel loved and cherished, strengthening your emotional bond. So, don’t hesitate to add romance – it’ll make your relationship even more magical!