Carragh Mahuika, from New Zealand, revealed on TikTok some of the comments she gets on a daily basis about her G cup size boobs.

The 21-year-old is inundated with comments about her boobs on TikTok and in a short clip revealed the most common thing said to her in real life.

Posing in a low-cut red dress with a white shirt, Carragh revealed that young men often call her ‘mummy’ because of her big boobs.

And mums often tell her: “Put those away, there’s literally kids around!”

While girls her age often comment on how her back must be in pain.

“Your back must be in shambles girlie,” she writes.

While some men joke: “Anyone know what colour her shirt was?”

In another video, Carragh said her boobs are completely natural despite some people assuming they aren’t because of how big they are.

Another comment made is that her boobs are real because they ‘droop’.

In the video, she wrote: “Her (cherry emoji) are real.

“You can tell cause they’re saggy as.”

One woman took to the comments to add: “Someone once said this to me and I felt like crying.”

“It’s called gravity for some who didn’t know,” another said.

A third commented: “I never feel offended, that’s just how gravity works.”

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: “I guess… that’s one way to tell.”

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