THE View producer has ripped one of the show’s stars after an awkward on-air moment during the latest episode.

The cast celebrated Valentine’s Day a little early, showing off cards from the people closest to them.

During Thursday’s show, the cast of The View read sweet cards from their family, friends, and other people close to them as they showed on screen.

Just as they were wrapping up the segment, producer Brian Teta broke the fourth wall, announcing to host Sunny Hostin: “There’s one other one if you don’t mind reading it. I have one for you guys.”

The card suddenly appeared on screen, with Sunny reading it to the audience.

It said: “Dear co-hosts, Roses are red. Violets are blue. My blood pressure’s high thanks to the six of you. With love, Brian.”

The entire panel had a laugh at the card.

Sunny then replied: “Thank you, Brian. Thank you. I know that’s truthful.”

Fans at home also seemed to get a kick out of the on-air moment.

One viewer tweeted: “in the battle of #TheView Valentine’s greetings @BrianTeta wins.”


It hasn’t been all love and kind words on The View as of late, however.

Recently, host Joy Behar shocked fans as she snapped at co-star Alyssa Farah Griffin, claiming that she was “obsessing” about aging.

The uncomfortable moment came as The View panel was chatting about women taking heat for their appearance as they age.

The conversation kicked off after Madonna came under fire for looking unrecognizable at the Grammy Awards.

Each member of the panel shared their thoughts about gracefully aging and Madonna’s response to the backlash.

Joy, meanwhile, seemed to take particular exception with the message Madonna posted on Instagram after the show and she made it known.

“Instead of focusing on what I said in my speech, many people chose to only talk about close-up photos of me taken with a long-lens camera that would distort anyone’s face.”

“So, she’s kind of blaming the camera,” she said as she struggled not to burst into laughter.

When asked what Joy thought Madonna should say instead, the co-host had an answer ready.

She replied: “She should say: ‘I’ve had some work done. This is what I like to look like,’ – that’s it.”

Then, Alyssa chimed in.

“It’s just important, like, I’m 33 and I’m already obsessing about aging.”

Joy then viciously snapped in a sarcastic tone: “Oh, shut up!”

She grinned after her playful jab at the younger panelist.

Obviously teasing Alyssa, Joy smiled as her co-host laughed and made a lighthearted “apology.”

Alyssa made sure to point out that Madonna can afford to have work done.

She, meanwhile, had to save to have any work done.

The panelists went on with their discussion after Joy’s interruption, sharing further thoughts on the topic.


Joy and Alyssa aren’t the only ones who have had fans buzzing about their on-air behavior as of late.

During a recent episode, Whoopi Goldberg was blasted over her “gross behavior.”

She walked out from behind the stage chewing food on air.

On the show, the panelists walked out the same way they normally do: from behind the stage, waving to the audience.

They came out in the order in which they sit, meaning Whoopi walked out last.

She and Joy walked out together, and it very quickly became clear that she was chewing.

“Hello and welcome to The View,” she said, with a full mouth.

“And if anybody is concerned about me right now, don’t worry about it because I have a Tootsie in my mouth.”

“Oh gosh,” one of the panel members could be heard saying off-camera.

“I was in the mood for a little sweet thing,” Whoopi said, turning to Sara Haines. “…when I came out.”

She then directed the attention away from her chewing and said: “So, here’s what’s going on,” before she dove into the first topic.

By the end of the first discussion, she seemed to be done with her treat.

The View fans weren’t impressed, and they wasted no time letting her know.

“For the love of god. I wish Whoopi – The MODERATOR – would not eat and try to talk on-air #TheView,” wrote one fan.

“Whoopi stop eating #theview,” scolded another.

A third pointed out the host eating: “Whoopi’s chewing a Tootsie roll coming out! She wanted som’n sweet! #theview”

Another fan simply asked: “Really, Whoopi? #theview.”

“Whoopi’s on fire today. What was in that Tootsie Roll? #TheView,” joked one Twitter user.

“Come on Whoopi- tacky #theview,” said one fan.

One last fan added: “LOL Whoopi is chewing on a tootsie roll. Lawd that will take forever to chew. #TheView.”

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