THE View fans have started badgering Joy Behar to take over as permanent moderator as Whoopi Goldberg misses another episode.

On the most recent episode of The View, moderator and host Whoopi Goldberg was out sick once more.

That meant Joy Behar took over as the show’s moderator for the day as the panelists covered a wide variety of topics.

Whoopi has missed a few days of work as of late, and fans notice when she isn’t around.

However, many have been begging co-host Joy to take over for Whoopi permanently.

Several fans took to social media to praise Joy as moderator while blasting Whoopi.

One fan stated: “This show actually works just fine without Whoopi there if we being honest #theview”

A second fan wrote: “Sunny seems so free to speak when Joy is the moderator opposed to Whoopi #theview”

Another commented: “Whoopi does that to everybody. She’s very intimidating.”

One disgruntled fan asserted: “Way better without Whoopi!”

Finally, one viewer said what they believed others were thinking: “Joy needs to take over for good.”

Whoopi will likely return for tomorrow’s episode, but that hasn’t stopped fans from asking for a change in host.


Meanwhile, Joy was left red-faced after making a major NSFW slip-up during a serious news segment.

She accidentally said “erection” instead of “insurrection” during a politics recap on Wednesday’s show.

Joy was discussing the controversial news that Fox News host Tucker Carlson was given footage from the Capitol riot.

She said: “Less than a week after Tucker Carlson is caught fully admitting that he doesn’t believe the election fraud lies he’s putting on the air, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy hands him capital security footage from the January 6 erection-”

Joy broke off in shock and tried to hastily correct herself by saying, “election,” before finally settling on the correct “insurrection.”

The comedian covered her mouth with her hand in embarrassment and hung her head as her co-hosts burst out laughing.

Alyssa Farah Griffin said jokingly: “Well done!”

Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin, meanwhile, tried to hide their faces and pursed their lips with barely suppressed laughter.

Fans of The View went wild over Joy’s gaffe – especially as she was acting as show moderator during Whoopi Goldberg’s absence.

One fan tweeted, “Erection, Joy?” and added a meme with the text, “Something on your mind?”

Another posted: “Joy Behar with the best Freudian slip ever!”

A third commented, “Erection, election, insurrection,” with a string of laughing face emojis.

Elsewhere in the episode, Joy was called out for “unnecessarily shading” the Kardashians.

The panel was discussing how former President Donald Trump was still looking for the votes he lost in the 2020 election and the indictment against him.

Joy then explained that a Georgia Special Grand Jury Forewoman spoke to a reporter about his indictment.


The woman, Emily, seemed to be giving too much away from the court documents, which left the audience and the hosts chuckling.

When the clip ended, Joy said: “Shouldn’t she be keeping her big bazoo shut? This girl?”

Joy delivered her insult as she said: “You know everybody is a Kardashian now, everybody wants attention, and that’s what this is about, I think.”

The rest of the panel seemed to stay quiet, with a low “yeah” coming from one of them.

This isn’t the first time Joy was slammed for making fun of the famous family.

Back in December, View fans thought she made a “cruel jab” at Khloe’s looks in a resurfaced clip.

Back in 2011, Joy had her own talk show on HLN called The Joy Behar Show.

She welcomed Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian to the show and talked mostly about their love lives and their family.

Joy talked a lot about Kim’s then-marriage to Kris Humphries and how she wanted to change her last name.

Khloe cracked up and Kourtney awkwardly laughed.


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