Anthony Loffredo, a Frenchman, has been in the news for a while because of his journey to change his body to look like an alien. Recently, the tattoo addict said that people aren’t treating him well because of his choice. For example, restaurants won’t serve him food.


Anthony loves body transformations.

Anthony has been interested in mutations and how the human body changes since he was a child. But he kept living as a white French man until he was twenty. That’s when he realized he was born into a body that wasn’t his.


Anthony gave up everything in order to pursue his dream.

Anthony quit his job as a security guard in France and moved to Australia. The black man who wanted to be an alien thought about his plans to change his body over the next few months. He had said before that he liked playing scary characters and would do so at night in the dark streets.


Anthony Starts His Journey to Change His Body

A few years later, Anthony started to change his body so that he could become a black alien. He went through some of the most extreme surgeries, like having his nose, ears, and fingers cut off to make his hand look like a claw. He also got tattoos all over his body, even on his eyeballs.

Anthony made a cut under his lower lip.

Anthony didn’t stop there, though. He went through more procedures to get the look he wanted. Reports say that the man went under the knife to have his tongue cut in half and a hole made in the skin under his lower lip.


Anthony Shows Off Some Pictures After Surgery

Anthony poked his forked tongue through the hole in the picture on his Instagram page. Aside from the above procedures, Anthony also had a lot of implants under his skin.


More Extreme Procedures

When he had his tip lip cut off, the French man took things a step further. Anthony said that the procedure changed the way he spoke, but he wasn’t bothered by this because it didn’t stop him from wanting to change his body.


Anthony didn’t disclose some details.

During an Instagram Live session, Anthony talked about the surgeries he had on his nose and lips. He didn’t say where, when, or by whom the surgeries were done, though.


Anthony’s reason for keeping some things secret.

Anthony chose to keep these details secret because some changes to his body that hurt him were against the law in some European countries.
Anthony heard both good and bad things about himself.

Since Anthony started his journey to change, some people have helped him along the way. But both people who follow him on social media and people who don’t use social media have criticized him.


Anthony Can’t Get A Job

During an interview with the Club113 podcast, Anthony said that his looks made it hard for him to get a job.


Anthony claims that restaurants won’t serve him food.

He said recently that it was hard to get food at local restaurants. Anthony said that when he went to some restaurants in the area, the server would tell him he couldn’t eat on the terrace. Even so, he is still set on having more surgery.


Anthony doesn’t care that he’s being treated badly.
Anthony said that he had nothing to do with people who were closed-minded. He also said that making his body look more alien-like had made him and others feel better about themselves.


He Inspires Many

The man said that because of him, some people felt safer. Anthony also told them that, like him, these people no longer cared what other people thought of them.

Anthony’s Future Surgeries

Anthony, on the other hand, says that he is still only 44% of the way to becoming a black alien. He wants to cut his penis in half, take off his skin, and put metal in its place.


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