The tech mogul stated others locked up were not getting equal attention from the White House and asked if they could release those who committed similar crimes in US

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The Brittney Griner controversy only seems to be getting bigger with more and more people weighing in. In a recent episode of ‘Full Send Podcast’, tech mogul Elon Musk questioned the efforts put forth by President Joe Biden to release the WNBA star from a Russian prison. He asked if they could release thousands of prisoners who committed similar crimes in the US.

Grinner was sentenced to jail for nine years for possessing cannabis and smuggling on Thursday, August 4, 2022. Musk said that others locked up in the US were not getting equal attention from the White House.“There are people in jail in America for the same stuff. Shouldn’t we free them too? My opinion is that people should not be in jail for non-violent drug crimes,” said.

“If the president is working so hard to free someone who is in jail in Russia for some weed, shouldn’t we free people in America?” the billionaire asked during the podcast. Musk also stated he was not a regular marijuana user and thinks marijuana is “not that good for productivity.”

Possessing marijuana is still considered illegal at the federal level in the US. However, it is fully legalized for recreational use in 19 states and decriminalized in 18 others.

Griner pleaded guilty in July 2022 to possessing a small amount of cannabis oil and smuggling. She was detained at Russia’s Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport in February 2022. In addition to her nine-year prison sentence, she was fined about $16,200. On Friday, August 5, 2022, President Joe Biden told his administration that he was working hard to get Griner back by negotiating with the Russian authorities.

‘I hate the fact that I didnt realize this before he mentioned it’

The statement made by Musk has fuelled discussions across social media platforms. A user stated, “Yes, the US government should free people who are in prison for cannabis. Brittany Griner, who was imprisoned on trumped-up charges of smuggling, should be freed as well.” Another tweet said, “We have people in this country who are in jail for marijuana possession. Why is Griner so special??”


Another user said, “I hate the fact that I didnt realize this before he mentioned it. Smh”. However, one user stated, “@elonmusk Joe needs somebody to catch his rebounds is Brittneys rebound stats low? I herd she would sing 10% of the National Anthem for the big guy…”

A tweet said, “Why anyone would go to Russia to do anything is beyond belief and furthermore what’s even more beyond belief is bringing cannabis with them not a good idea.”


Another user stated “Yeah. How about all of them? Weed shouldn’t be a crime. Unless I’m incorrect, it was here with the earth before humans. How do you get locked into a cage for years just for having somethi

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