Investors have grown increasingly frustrated with Elon Musk as he shafts Tesla for Twitter, leading the electric car company’s shares to crash to the lowest level in more than two years Wednesday.

Tesla’s stock has been in a decline for months, plummeting 55 percent so far this year. Even self-described Musk “fanboy” KoGuan Leo, who’s also Tesla’s third largest investor, took to Twitter to call Musk out. “Elon abandoned Tesla and Tesla has no working CEO,” he tweeted Wednesday. “Are we merely Elon’s foolish bag holders?” As Musk continues to shift his brand further in the right-wing culture wars, investors are reportedly concerned his polarizing brand will diminish the car company’s sales. “Customers don’t want their cars to be controversial. They want to be proud as hell to drive them—not embarrassed,” Gary Black, a Tesla bull, tweeted Wednesday.

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