When you think about arguments between a teen and their parents, what comes to mind? Perhaps poor grades? Their choice of partner? Safe sex? A bully at school? When talking to your teenage son or daughter you wouldn’t assume the conversation would escalate to anything extremely serious. However, in the case of this young man, his father’s backward way of thinking when it comes to cannabis use led to his unfortunate death.

Boy Chucked Outside

In 2020, 19-year old Lyndon Turner had experienced something that many children his age do – a minor car accident. Unfortunately for Lyndon, when he made a driving error, his dad was not having it at all and made a fatal mistake he can never take back. Lyndon’s dad was convinced that the reason for the minor car crash was due to his use of cannabis, which was seemingly an issue they had argued about in the past. Meanwhile, Lyndon was a student at Bracknell and Wokingham College and an apprentice window fitter in Surrey. Additionally, he and his father already had a strained relationship, thanks to the passing of his mother, Sarah, three years prior.

Apparently, after the car accident, Lyndon’s father reportedly threw him out, blaming his use of cannabis for the accident. His father claims he thought that Lyndon would go to a friend’s house, but unfortunately he was very wrong. It appears that Lyndon walked for 6 miles, where he fell asleep in Chobham Common, a popular Surrey nature reserve.

Found Dead

Two people found Lyndon on the following day. In short, his body was discovered where he had attempted to rest after his long walk to the park and in addition, the paramedics were called. Their best efforts were made to resuscitate the boy. Unfortunately, it was then confirmed by assistant coroner Karen Henderson confirmed Lyndon died of ‘significant hypothermia’ and according to The Daily Mail, she left the following statement about his death:

Firstly, I am satisfied he found himself in Chobham Common on the night of December 1, 2020. That he fell asleep during that period of time. Likewise, given the time of year it resulted in significant hypothermia which is directly causative of his death.’

An Unhappy Situation

During a documentary inquest, which also included the father of the boy. at Woking Coroner’s Court, Karen Henderson also read out:

“He [Graham] explained on December 1, Lyndon returned home with damage to the front of the car having been involved in a minor road traffic collision and that he was believed to have been using cannabis.”

During the inquest, Dr. Henderson also brought to light to the court that she had been made aware of texts which proved unrest in the home. These messages were between Lyndon and his sister. Subsequently, these messages proved and showed their home was not a happy one. Likewise, they indicated he was unhappy with the decision of his father and indicated the difficulties they had had.

Toxicology analysis did not provide a clear explanation of Lyndon’s cause of death. However, it did show ‘frequent or chronic use of cannabis’. Also, the pathologist’s report found hypothermia was an ‘active operating factor’ in his death.


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