Rachel Campi got pregnant at 14 and dropped out of school.

But this situation did not break the teenage mother. She promised herself that she would not give up. That she would work hard and study hard to give her little daughter the best childhood.

And now Rachel graduated from the university by the hand with her 6-year-old daughter and shared touching photos on social media.

Rachel studied at different schools, then at York College and, in the end, entered the university. On this long and difficult journey, little Lilly-Rose was the main source of motivation for mom to go forward and not give up.

At some point, Rachel was not at all easy.

She describes her condition as follows: “It was very difficult morally, mentally. I seemed to be walking in the dark, but Lilly-Rose lit my way. There were so many difficult moments in my first year at the university. I doubted my strength, thought that I could not overcome it all, walked down the corridor and cried, was about to quit my studies, asking myself why I was in such a difficult situation”.

However, mother and daughter managed. And they even wrote their mother’s final work together. Lilly-Rose did her homework, and Rachel was preparing for her finals.

Rachel recently completed her diploma and degree in counseling psychology. The day of the graduation ceremony from the university was filled with touching moments. Lilly-Rose, of course, was there.

Rachel says that the girl watched with delight as her mother put on a graduation cap. And during the ceremony itself, Lilly-Rose corrected the announcer, who, calling her mother on stage, mispronounced her last name. “This is my mom!” the girl added.

Rachel Campi has no plans to stop. She has a lot of energy, wants to become a public speaker, and is already an ambassador for MindMate and the National Health Service (NHS).

Rachel appeals to everyone who has doubts about their abilities: “You can do anything, you just have to really want it.”

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