Tattoo artist who blinded woman with botched attempt to dye her eyeballs black is fined £30,000

  • Aleksandra Sadowska, then 21, had her eyeballs dyed black by Piotra A. in 2017
  • The 25-year-old was blinded in one eye and had to have her other eye removed
  • A court heard Piotra A. ‘did not know how to perform such a delicate procedure’
  • He was fined £30,000 and got 360 hours community service at the Polish court

A tattoo artist who left a woman blind after a botched attempt to dye her eyeballs black has been fined £30,000.

Piotr A. was found guilty of incompetence by a court in the Polish city of Wroclaw after it was revealed he did not know how to do eye tattoos and used a similar technique to tattooing skin.

As a result, 25-year-old Aleksandra Sadowska, from Wroclaw, was blinded in one eye and had to have the other removed following the botched procedure.

The former model, who was 21 at the time, had gone to the tattooist after deciding she wanted to emulate a rap artist called Popek, who also had the whites of his eyes dyed black.

But during the bungled procedure that took place in 2017, the Warsaw tattooist penetrated her eyeballs too deeply with his needle, and used an ink that was uncertified for use on eyes.

Shortly after, Aleksandra, who is from the city of Wroclaw, began complaining of pains in her eyes which the tattooist is reported to have said was normal and could be treated with painkillers.

After losing complete sight in her right eye, Aleksandra was told by doctors that the damage was irreparable and that she would soon lose sight in her left eye too.

During the subsequent investigation it was found that the tattooist had made serious mistakes in the process, including using body ink for tattooing skin, which should not come into contact with the eye.

The woman’s lawyers told local media: ‘There is clear evidence that the tattoo artist did not know how to perform such a delicate procedure.

‘And yet he decided to perform it which led to this tragedy.’

The woman has since had one eye removed and replaced with a fake.

Resolute Aleksandra previously said: ‘Unfortunately, for now doctors do not give me much optimism for improvement. The damage is too deep and extensive. I’m afraid I will be completely blind.’

She added: ‘I will not lock myself in the basement and get depressed. I have sadness behind me, but I live on.’

Piotra A., who still runs his salon where he carries out mainly ear piercings, was charged four years after Aleksandra’s ordeal began.

As well as the fine, Piotra A. was given 360 hours community service.

Following the court ruling at the end of December, Aleksandra’s lawyers now say they will appeal.

Attorney Paweł Jagielski said: ‘In our preliminary assessment, the amount of PLN 150,000 [around £30,000] is still disproportionate to the extent of the harm suffered by severe disability in the form of total loss of sight.’


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