Matt Healy, the lead singer of The 1975, did the right thing when a young fan in the crowd continued to shake a homemade sign that asked him to kiss her.

After reading her homemade sign asking him to be her ‘first kiss’ at a recent show, the 33-year-old singer made sure to check her ID first to make sure she was old enough to consent.

The peck came after Healy admitted he was struggling with feeling ‘sexualized’ by fans of his Grammy nominated band.

At a time when more men than ever are being accused of sexual misconduct, Healy’s behavior showed that not all men are ‘creeps.’

Still, online trolls have ridiculed the frontman, saying it’s ‘creepy’ that he checked her ID first.

In one clip, Matt could be heard speaking to the fan in regards to the sign she held up saying, ‘you better not be 16’ before the woman shouted that she ‘has ID.’

She handed her driver’s license to one of the stage crew, who then passed it up to the singer on the stage between songs.

Matt, who previously dated FKA Twigs, took a moment to examine her birthday and even appeared to make sure the plastic was real.

He then hopped off the stage and approached the young girl with red hair, who claimed this was ‘her first kiss.’

Fans screamed with excitement as the rockstar asked her: ‘Are you ready? Is this really your first kiss?’

The young fan nodded with excitement to confirm that it was indeed her very first kiss, and best of all, it was with her favorite performer.

Matt smiled and gives her two brief smooches after handing her ID back to her.

Another fan recorded the event and posted the video to social media with the caption, ‘This is so sweet pls.’

A different fan, who was not so impressed commented, ‘If by sweet you mean creepy then yes I agree.’

After Healy was slammed by multiple female fans online, the young woman who was kissed came to Healy’s defense writing, ‘I did this, he saw it and brought me up, HE ASKED before he kissed me!’


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