Stay Single Until You Find Someone Who Puts Effort Into Pursuing You Every Single Day

Don’t let anyone fool you that love is hard. Love is not supposed to make you wonder someone’s actions. It is not supposed to send you to bed with tears in your eyes. Love is not supposed to ruin your life. Love is not supposed to make you suffer.

Love is supposed to liberate you.

So, tell me… Why would you settle for less than the real thing?
Why would you condemn yourself to a life of misery?

Why would you accept to spend your life next to someone who keeps convincing you that love is indeed hard?

This life is too short for giving too many chances and not taking care of ourselves.

Stay alone until you find yourself… And ultimately find someone who is willing to be there for you in ways that no one ever was. Someone who is strong enough to catch you when you fall. Someone who is mature enough to commit to a relationship with you. Someone who is open enough to share their life with you.

Stay alone until you find someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated without expecting a pat on their back for being a good partner. Someone who understands that playing hard to get is not the way to make you fall in love with them. Someone who is not up for playing games, but for building a real relationship with you.

Stay alone until you find someone who puts effort into everyday conversations with you. Someone who wants to get to know you. Personally, and intimately. Someone who loves to hear you talk. Someone who enjoys connecting with you through words.
Stay alone until you find someone who understands that it takes two to tango and two to build a solid relationship. Someone who does as much for you as you do for him. Someone who fights to protect and preserve what you two have. Someone who goes out of their way to show you that your love means the world to him.

Stay alone until you find someone who puts effort into proving their love to you every single day. Someone who makes you feel appreciated and respected. Someone who texts you in the morning to check on you because they cannot wait until they see you again. Someone who tucks you in and kisses you goodnight. Someone who cooks your favorite meal and serves your dinner in bed. Someone who always thinks of you

Stay alone until you find someone who never stops pursuing you even after they’ve got you. Someone who puts effort into every aspect of the relationship. Someone who knows how important that spark in the relationship is. Someone who makes sure you always know how genuinely loved you are instead of making you worry whether he actually cares.

Stay alone until you find someone who makes you realize that love is not supposed to be difficult!

Most Wanted Article: Why The Relationship Between A Narcissist And An Empath Is A Match Made In Hell
Because the relationship between a narcissist and an empath is among the most intense and addicting, it is also one of the most toxic to the empath.

The empath is the society’s healer. Because they have the capacity to experience other people’s sentiments and profound emotions as their own, they are one of the nicest and most honest human beings. They are unique gems that constantly put themselves in the shoes of others, which is why they are so sympathetic and understanding of everyone and everything.

The narcissist is drawn to them because of their nature.

The narcissist is a deeply wounded individual. Many years of trauma lie underneath their desire for power, affirmation, and grandiosity, which no one knows about. They put on a confident and self-centered front, but underneath they have a scarred heart and a wounded spirit, remnants of a dark and terrible past. As a result, the narcissist swears that no one will ever be able to break his or her heart again. They will, instead, be the ones who cause the pain.

The narcissist feels the need for continuous praise and affirmation as a result of years of trauma. They need other people to tell them they’re great and admire them because they don’t feel confident or good enough on the inside. Because of their inferiority mentality, they take advantage of and mistreat others in order to feel powerful and important.

And who better to elevate the narcissist than the empath?

The narcissist’s demand for continuous attention and affirmation complements the empath’s healing and caring nature. It’s a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, it’s a very damaging and toxic one.

The primary reason it’s so toxic is due to the narcissist’s and empath’s distinct personalities. The empath is a kind and giving person who only sees the good in others and thinks that everyone is good at heart.

On the other hand, the narcissist has a dark side that the empath cannot perceive. A narcissist is someone who is self-centered and lacks empathy and compassion. They’ll attempt to manipulate the empath by utilizing various manipulation methods and convincing them that they’re in the middle of the most beautiful love tale ever.

They do not have a reciprocal and equitable give-and-take relationship. Rather, the empath becomes the giver in the relationship, while the narcissist becomes the taker.

The narcissist and the empath will love each other’s company in the beginning since the empath is pleased when they are giving, and the narcissist’s ego will be nourished. However, the narcissist feels more in control the more the empath offers.

The narcissist will then continue to push the empath’s boundaries by stating things like, “If you really loved me, you would’ve done that for me.” The empath will then be pushed to extremes in order to show their love for the narcissist. The narcissist will dominate the relationship’s dynamics. Every discussion will revolve around the narcissist who is exploiting the empath’s emotions and thinking process in order to satisfy their own selfish desires.

The narcissist’s ultimate aim is to fill the empath with guilt and uncertainty, eventually eroding their self-esteem and confidence. When they succeed, the narcissist will have complete power over the empath because the empath will constantly blame themselves and believe it is their fault no matter what occurs in the relationship.

When the empath loses faith in themselves, they will become more reliant on the narcissist. They will begin to need the narcissist, but since they have accomplished their objective, the narcissist will be less accessible to them.

The empath will then get extremely wounded and sad, and will eventually turn into a narcissist. Anyone who has been severely emotionally influenced is at risk of becoming a narcissist. As a result, the wounded empath will begin to concentrate more on themselves, making the narcissist feel abandoned. Both sides will feel that their relationship’s requirements are not being fulfilled, resulting in the eventual split.

While the narcissist will seek out another victim right afterwards because they can’t live without their Narcissistic Supply, the empath’s road to recovery will be lengthy.

Because a severely wounded empath has a high risk of becoming a narcissist, it is critical for them to establish balance in order to prevent additional effects. To protect themselves, empaths must learn to establish appropriate limits.

Being empathetic and assisting others is admirable, but going out of their way to please others, particularly if they are interacting with a narcissist, may backfire.

The easiest approach to cope with a narcissist is to avoid them altogether and exit the toxic relationship as soon as possible. In addition, the empath should not let the agony of the poisonous relationship alter their lovely and loving character. Because the world is in desperate need of more empaths. We can’t live without their love and enthusiasm.

Finally, the empath must understand their most important lesson: they cannot cure everyone. It’s better to let narcissists go when it comes to relationships.



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