Porn actor Riley Reid has revealed that an ex-partner made her feel like a ‘disgusting person’.

The porn star, 31, has previously spoken about her struggle to find a man who was comfortable and supportive of her career.

California-based Reid, who’s real name is Ashley Mathews, married freerunner Pasha Petkuns in 2021, with whom she shares a young daughter.

However, finding love wasn’t easy and during an episode of the Impaulsive podcast, with controversial YouTuber Logan Paul, she revealed how an ex-boyfriend would refuse to kiss her after she returned home work.

Speaking on a episode from 2018 Riley said: ‘He made me feel like maybe I should quit and stuff.’

She continued: ‘So, like, [it] made me feel like a disgusting person. And I’m not disgusting. It’s harsh. It was so horrible when he told me that.’

Unilad reported that one of her ex-partners was that unhappy about her career in the porn industry that it made her consider quitting her job.

Speaking in 2022, Reid said: ‘My ex was so anti-porn, I almost quit porn because I thought I hated porn, but then I realised I just hated him.’

Unilad claimed that in 2021 she wrote a frank post on Instagram detailing her struggle to find a supporting partner.

She wrote: ‘Never have I ever had a boyfriend who was proud of my job. I’ve had two “normal” boyfriends in my adult life, normal being they don’t do porn. Both of which ended in an ultimatum, porn or them. I always chose porn. I’ve struggled with the choice though, wondering if I’ve made the right decision.’

Yet, fast forward a few years and she is now a happily married mother to six-month-old Emma.

In November Riley shared a sweet snap of her family with the caption: ‘Forever thankful for my newly founded family. I love you and appreciate you endlessly @pashatheboss.

‘You’re such an amazing husband to me and even better father to Emma.

‘You’re so present in every moment with both of us and I am so happy to spend everyday with you.

‘Thank you for choosing me as your wife, best friend & life partner.

‘Thank you Emma for being the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I adore and love you more than you’ll ever know.’

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