Speaking about Jada Pinkett Smith carrying another man’s child, Will Smith

Fans of Jada Pinkett Smith are shocked to learn that she is expecting a child. Fans of Jada Pinkett Smith posted a tonne of confused tweets, asking things like, “Did I just read that Jada Pinkett Smith is pregnant?” Does Jada Pinkett Smith have a child? and like others.

Jaden Smith and Willow Smith are two of the lucky children that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have. While Willow Smith was born in 2000, Jaden Smith was born in 1998.

In his autobiography, Will Smith referred to the moment of Jaden Smith’s conception as “amazing.” Will Smith typically utilised euphemisms rather than straightforward language when referring to Jada Pinkett Smith.

When they were at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Will Smith wrote about the experience. It resembled a hideaway where a married couple may enjoy themselves.

Jada Pinkett Smith began to remark that she felt like she was pregnant after the two of them climaxed, according to Will Smith, who claimed that they shared some intimate moments.

When Jada Pinkett Smith declared, “I’m pregnant,” Will Smith said she had a panicked and terrified expression on her face.



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