After three and a half years, a man named Shaun Resnik made history in March of 2022. Before making history, Resnik found himself single and wanting more out of his life. As a gay man, Resnik knew that his road to being a single father would be difficult but worth it.

With an idea around his 40th birthday, Resnik decided he may be ready to make his leap of faith into fatherhood. His first step was joining local surrogacy groups on Facebook. Within a year of joining those groups, Resnik was introduced to a surrogate, Carla Pincombe. At the time, Pincombe was pregnant with a same-sex couple’s surrogate child.

Pincombe and Resnik grew into close friends, even while Resnik continued to look for surrogate mothers for his future child. He, unfortunately, dealt with heartbreak over three potential surrogate situations. But eventually, Pincome decided she would carry his baby, they just needed a donor. Not long after Resnik met another woman who would change his life, Bree. A mother of two already, she agreed to donate her eggs to Resnik.

Before being able to move forward with the process, Resnik had to undergo intense interviews. Due to rigid Victorian Fertility regulations, he was interviewed and eventually signed off to move forward with becoming a single father via surrogacy. After years of waiting and struggle, Resnik would finally be able to fulfill his lifelong goal of being a father. Finally, having his baby boy born in March of 2022, Resnik is experiencing something he’s always wanted.


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In 2021 Resnik shared with “The Age” that the regulations are to protect the surrogate and the future child. “Their sole purpose is to make sure that the surrogate, her existing children, and the future surrogate child are well-supported,” he said. ”Nothing was off the table. They can ask you anything, and they do; from your social network to your financial situation,” he said.

Resnik’s son, Eli, was born and the father and son are now getting used to newborn life.

“I’ve always wanted to be a dad as I have a wonderful relationship with my parents. Some of my fondest memories were going for walks with my dad and the dogs and we just have this amazing bond. I just wanted to have that connection with my beautiful kids and that’s why it was worth it. It was hard work but worth it. At the time of my journey, I was a single gay man and I really yearned to have a family. I’m now in a relationship. He’s just joined us on this journey. The house is full, with two dogs, a baby, and a partner. All of those dreams have come true,” Resnik shared.

Resnik also wants people who are single to know they too can have a family. “I just want single people to give it a go – don’t wait to get your ducks in a line, there are no ducks! The ducks are usually all over the shop,” Resnik said. “Make your own magic, make your own magic ducks!” he added. “Anything is possible.”

He knows that all of his waiting and praying was worth it. “My advice is to go for it but don’t put it off too long,” he said. “This is a long process. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

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