An Ohio mom killed her thrash metal singer husband, 13 year-old son and 74 year-old dad before turning the gun on herself as cops arrived to serve eviction papers.

Theresa Cain also shot her 20 year-old daughter Samantha at her family’s home in Ohio Township on February 27. Samantha survived, but remains in critical condition in hospital.

The horrific murder-suicide began when deputies from Clermont County Sheriff’s Office arrived to serve eviction papers at around 9:40am that morning. Cain and her family’s $299,000 home had recently gone into foreclosure, and was bought for $230,000.

Theresa greeted the cops on the patio, before rushing back inside her home, according to Fox19. Deputies then heard a muffled voice cry out ‘No, no, no, no,’ before multiple gunshots rang out.

Those killed have since been identified as Theresa’s husband Steven Cain, 50, her son Ethan Cain, 13 and her father William Felton, 74.

Steven was a singer in a thrash metal band called Critical Khaos, and cops say he was likely shot dead in a basement at the home around 30 minutes before they arrived.

The eviction that turned deadly was the culmination of a long financial struggle for the Ohio family, with the foreclosure of their home the likely motive for the tragic massacre.

Sheriff Steve Leahy said Theresa Cain was standing on the outside patio when deputies rolled up to the family home.

They said they spoke with her in the days before to discuss the impending eviction, and didn’t expect any issues as she was ‘cooperative’.

She requested a few extra hours to for the family to pack up, but said they would leave by 10am February 27.

But they claim that she quickly rushed inside as soon as the deputies arrived, and after they didn’t receive a response when they knocked on the door, the deputies said they heard a muffled ‘No, no, no, no.’

The sheriff said it was followed by a ‘very fast’ succession of gunshots, where Theresa shot dead three of her family members before turning the gun on herself.

After deputies were able to safely enter the home, they found her dead upstairs, nearby to her deceased 13-year-old son Ethan and 74-year-old father William, who lived in the home.

Officers then found her husband Steven, 50, on a downstairs couch, with the investigation concluding Theresa shot him first.

Investigators believe she may have hidden their incoming eviction from her family, as despite cooperating with authorities during the foreclosure process, no items were packed when they searched the crime scene.

‘You would think,’ said the sheriff, ‘there would be resources for someone like them but I think she kept this a very close secret.

‘Hopefully, Samantha recovers and can help fill in some blanks.

‘It is tragic and unnecessary. What can we do to keep this from happening again?’ Well, I’m just not that sure that we can.

‘When people are in crisis, it’s not as easy as just reaching out and saying, “I need help.” They are spiraling. Nothing makes sense.’

‘What we see here, you can’t make sense of this. Murder is a senseless thing but then you throw in suicide and the homicide of your family. It’s all very sad. This lady had been totally cooperative the entire time.’

The suspected killer’s husband Steven was the lead singer of thrash metal band Critical Khaos.

According to the band’s website, they performed groove/ thrash metal, a form of heavy metal music.

Steven joined the band in October 2022, and was originally from Augusta, Georgia, according to a Facebook post introducing himself to their fans.

Alongside fronting the heavy metal band, Cain authored 13 books, and was a safety and environmental manager for a Cincinnati R&D facility.

‘I plan to keep true to the gruff growls and screams that you’ve heard,’ he said in the post. ‘I sometimes refer to myself as the Savant Morose and the Messiah Wolf due to my personality and writings and my love of animals.’

In a statement following the murder-suicide, the band announced Cain’s passing to their fans ‘with heavy hearts’.

‘Unfortunately, our singer is no longer with us. He has been caught up in a murder suicide (just to be clear, he was shot and killed),’ the band said.

‘We do not wish to speculate or say anything more. For peace of the family and the band we ask for remembrance of a good man, good soul, excellent front man and most of all our band brother. It’s family we have lost today.’

The shooting has shocked the community in Ohio Township, and neighbors have claimed there were ‘no telltale signs’ the tragedy would occur.

‘There are people who are struggling out there at times, said neighbor Alicia Humphrey to Fox19. ‘I think we just never know. All we can do is pray for that family.’

Humphrey said she was not close to the family, but said they seemed to be a typical household.

Flowers and tributes have been laid outside the family home, as their daughter Samantha continues to fight for her life in hospital.

Sheriff’s deputies say they are praying she recovers enough to reveal details about what led to the murders.

In a news release, officials said they hope she ‘could provide vital information into this horrific incident which could assist detectives with answers as to motive, which remains under investigation.’

Samantha attended Northern Kentucky University, and her 13-year-old brother Ethan was a New Richmond Middle School student.

The teenager’s Superintendent Tracey Miller said: ‘Ethan was loved by students and staff alike, and his loss leaves a tremendous hole in the heart of our district and our community.

‘I think the hardest thing is we’ll always have that question: could we have seen something? Is there something we could have done to make a difference in that family’s life? And we’ll just never know.’

The school official said the 13-year-old was a ‘little bit quiet but a nice, polite young man. He was very conscientious.

‘He just really wanted to do a good job on his assignments and get them all done and he made sure they were done.

‘He took over a piece of people’s hearts here at the middle school. There was no shortage of Ethan stories. You just talk and remember some of the better times, and the importance of taking care of your loved ones.’

A GoFundMe has been set up to pay for Samantha’s medical care by her former sorority sisters, which sits at over $25,000 at the time of writing.

‘Samantha currently remains in critical condition in the hospital and we would like to try and raise money for any expenses that she might face when she wakes up,’ they said.

‘We are still unsure of what exactly happened as Samantha has not been conscious thus far, however, we are just extremely grateful to see the community come together and support her in this way.’

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