Country music star Miranda Lambert’s supporters are fiercely defending the singer after she was body-shamed on TikTok. Earlier this week, a clip of Lambert singing her popular single ‘Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)’ went viral on the internet.

In the TikTok video, Lambert can be spotted during one of her latest gigs dressed in blue denim shorts, a black graphical t-shirt, and red cowboy boots. As she roared out the captivating melody, Lambert could be seen owning the floor and raising her left arm.

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After body-shaming haters called the 38-year-old country singer “Miranda HAMbert,” “Mealranda Lambert,” and “Miranda Lamburger,” several encouraging responses were given in the video’s comment section. She appeared “happy and healthy,” one admirer said, as she entertained the gathering.

Page Six said that several of these bullies were crueler when they commented on Lambert’s figure, writing comments like “mix a salad” and “go to the gym.” One commenter even claimed that her former husband Blake Shelton “dodged a bullet” during their 2015 separation, which resulted in divorce in July of the same year.

However, her ardent supporters on social media rushed to her defense. Some remarked that only men passed comments on her size, while others asserted that those who were criticizing the singer were envious of her success.

A comment read, “Only BOYS commenting on her weight that aren’t even in her league I mean..have you seen her man?! She’s beautiful.”

“She looks happy and that’s all that matters. Weight and looks don’t define you. Your heart and how you treat people does,” another wrote.

One lady said, “Everyone did this to Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears,” while expressing agreement with the judgment and pointing out how numerous female superstars have been the targets of bullies. “Nothing nice to say? Don’t say it,” she added.

While battling the body shamers, some supporters used a more pragmatic approach. A user said, “I know this is a CRAZY concept, but our bodies age, gain weight, we grow gray hairs, get wrinkles, etc! All a part of life. ”


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After divorcing Shelton, Lambert met 31-year-old New York City police officer Brendan McLoughlin in November 2018. They began dating soon after. Just a couple of months later, they exchanged wedding vows in a private ceremony, but they did not reveal their union to the world until Valentine’s Day in 2019.


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