Rescuers arrived and were shocked at the scene before them. They’d never seen an accident so bad.

Walking away from a life-threatening situation alive is something that will forever change the way you view your life. Looking back on the moment usually gives you a greater appreciation for life and a renewed sense of purpose – you are still here!

For one woman, that moment will forever be memorialized online.

Scary accidents

Car accidents are brutal. Not the fender-bender, pull over to the side of the road and argue about lawyers type, but the shorn metal, leaking fluid, gouges in the pavement type. A woman from Washington state recently got into one of those kinds of accidents.

Rescuers at a loss

The accident was so bad that police and medical personnel couldn’t even believe what they were seeing.

Slamming the brakes

Rocky Oliphant, one of the State Troopers who responded to the scene, couldn’t believe his eyes. The accident happened while the woman was driving on the I-5. A truck in front of the woman slowed down, requiring her to hit her brakes.

What the woman didn’t know was that a semi-truck was tailgating her way too close.

The truck behind her couldn’t stop

With how physics works, it’s a lot easier for a small vehicle to stop than a large one (inertia and all that). When the woman hit her brakes, she had plenty of time to slow down. The semi-truck behind her, however, didn’t.

When the semi hit her, it lifted up the back end of the car, folded it upwards, and crushed the entire vehicle into a tiny cube.


The Nissan Altima the woman was driving was barely recognizable as a car save the tires sticking out of it at off angles.

“The car was struck from behind, folded the car in half, and semi came to rest on top of the car,” Oliphant continued. “In my 14 year career, I have never seen anything like it.”

A miracle

Incredibly, the woman was able to crawl out of the car.

Without much difficulty, the woman was able to climb out of the cubed car and get away from the death trap. In truly miraculous form, the woman was able to get out with minor injuries… and that’s it. Nobody else was hurt at all. When authorities arrived on scene and saw the damage, they were truly shocked.

Shock and awe online

When the photo of the car was posted to Twitter, people chimed in with their own incredulity.

Seeing the photo, it’s easy to understand why. It draws an audible gasp from most people and a visible shock when they realize the woman lived.

“For someone [to] walk away from that it’s got to be the safest car on the planet,” one Twitter user replied

Can we expect to see Nissan running commercials with this photo? Probably not, but it means that some engineer on the other side of the world probably just saved this woman’s life.

Since we don’t know who the woman is, we can only assume things about her.

Truly blessed

What can we assume? Well, for starters, she is one lucky woman (maybe time to play the lottery?). On top of that, she is probably having some sort of “purpose” crisis knowing she made it out of an accident that nobody should have lived through.

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