The “Black Widow” star had quite a biting comment when Drew Barrymore showed her a high school yearbook photo of her husband.

Colin Jost would have gotten a generic “Have a nice summer!” or the dreaded “K.I.T.” if Scarlett Johansson would’ve signed his high school yearbook.

The “Black Widow” star visited “The Drew Barrymore Show” on Wednesday and had a very decisive answer when Barrymore showed her a yearbook photo of her husband as a teenager and asked if “high school ScarJo would be into high school Colin?”

“Um, I don’t think so, no,” Johansson said with almost no hesitation.

But it didn’t end there. Johansson went so far as to compare Jost’s high school lewk to her siblings.

“My brother had that same haircut … both of my brothers. I just can’t,” she said, referring to Jost’s mushroom haircut — a popular style in the ’90s that looked dreamy on Ryder Strong, Leonardo DiCaprio and other Tiger Beat cover stars but weird on most guys in your Algebra II class.

“Who decided on that cut as a stylish thing?” Johansson went on. “What hairdresser was like, ‘Let’s try this?’”

To be fair, Jost seems well aware that this particular photo is embarrassing.

The “Saturday Night Live” co-head writer even used it as a punchline for a joke on “Weekend Update” earlier this month while talking about criticism the HBO series “Euphoria” received for “sexualizing” its teenage characters. “It’s just not accurate,” Jost said in the segment as he pulled up the yearbook photo. “I mean, take it from me. No one has sex in high school.”

Yet, despite Johansson’s comments on her husband’s awkward stage, she had nothing but lovely things to say about him during the rest of her interview. Check it out above.

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