Sarah Jessica Parker, who played the character of a fashion icon named Carrie Bradshaw in the blockbuster HBO series “Sex and the City,” has often become the news for her entirely different look on off-screen.

In the series, Parker managed to pull off some of the most serve some of the most iconic looks in the history of American television.

The actress was referred to as a trendsetter, and women followed her fashion looks and trendy hairstyles.

But unlike her character of Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah is entirely different in her real life.

Speaking to People magazine in 2012, she shared that although she loved playing that role in ‘sex and the city’, she cannot relate to the character in real life.

“It’s not how I think of myself, and I think it’s probably the healthier approach. It’s just not a reality — not when you have three kids, and you go to the market, and there are hungry people at home. You have a limited time to do it. There’s just no time to let vanity enter into that.”

In several interviews, the actress talked about her lifestyle and how she keeps herself happy and healthy

“To be honest, I’ve never given much thought to [my attitude toward beauty]; it’s never been that I’m without vanity – that would be complete nonsense – but I think that as time passes, you buy the things you enjoy, you learn how to put your cosmetics on in the way that feels most natural to you.”

Ever since the series ended, whenever Parker comes into the limelight, people compare her to her character Carrie Bradshaw.

She has often been criticized for being careless about her looks in real life, including her look at events like the Met Gala. But the actress always finds it funny and never pays much attention to the hate.

“So, what’s the point of criticism? I can’t understand it. You wear something at an event because you like it, and then there will always be someone who won’t like you, your dress, or maybe your hairstyle. I don’t understand people.” she once said.

But the criticism never ended, and despite her indifference and patience with the bullies, the actress often faced difficulties dealing with her critics.

In 2008, she was voted the ‘Unsexiest Woman Alive’ by the Maxim Poll, and that title severely hurt the actress.

“Do I have big fake boobs, Botox, and big lips? No. Do I fit some ideals and standards of some men writing in a men’s magazine? Maybe not.

“Am I really the unsexiest woman in the world? Wow! It’s kind of shocking when men… “It’s so brutal in a way, so filled with rage and anger.

She also said that the stupid poll also affected her husband, actor Mathew Broderick and he was very annoyed by the pointless hate.

“It upset him (Broderick) because it also has to do with his judgment. It’s the condemnation; it’s insane. What can I do?

“I guess you can’t please all people.”

And the hate didn’t end there; Parker was targeted again when she was pictured by the Paparazzi while having lunch with Andy Cohen. She was seen with a no-makeup look and a head full of grey hair.

That look became the talk of the town, and Parker was hit with criticism and mean comments once again.

People called her old and senior citizen. The actress didn’t let the hatred slide and clapped back at her haters.

In her interview with the Vogue Magazine, she said that she couldn’t make everyone like her for who she is, and that’s not her problem.

“It almost feels as if people don’t want us to be perfectly OK with where we are as if they almost enjoy us being pained by who we are today, whether we choose to age naturally and not look perfect, or whether you do something if that makes you feel better.”

“I know what I look like. I have no choice. What am I going to do about it? Stop aging? Disappear?”

Andy Cohen also defended his friend and called out her haters; he said everyone criticizing Sarah for her natural looks is mean, selfish, and misogynistic.

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