Rental property is left a disaster so landlord teaches rude tenants a lesson

When you own a rental property, it can be a bit of a gamble. Hopefully, you’ll end up with tenants that take care of the place and pay their rent on time. But on the hand, it could be the complete opposite. For anyone who wants to become a landlord, three things are essential.

First, do a criminal background check. Now, that’s not saying that past offenders are currently bad people but it’s one tool to help you assess potential tenants. Second, check the past rental history. And third, insist on a deposit.

Even when taking precautionary steps, there’s no guarantee you won’t end up with a situation like this landlord did. But what makes him unique is that he got revenge on his tenants in the best way possible.

Absolutely terrible tenants

For Thomas Rayaux, not only did he have a problem with his tenants paying their rent but they also left behind a huge mess. Although he’d had some issues with other tenants in the past, nothing compared to his last ones.

A nice residence

The house that Rayaux rented out was clean and in excellent condition. At first, he felt confident he’d made the right decision in renting to these people. But it didn’t take long for things to go awry.

14 long months

That’s how long his tenants went without paying the rent. When he talked to them, there was always one excuse after another. Finally fed up, Rayaux decided to visit them to discuss the issue. What he witnessed was beyond disgusting.

Where’s the floor?

After arriving at the rental property, he had to work hard to get the door open. Once he did, he couldn’t believe his eyes. There was so much trash he couldn’t even see the floor, let alone walk on it. As he went from room to room, he found more of the same.

Junk everywhere

Along with mounds of nasty trash, the tenants left behind furniture and old food. It was almost as though they walked out the door with the clothes on their backs and never looked back. They had no respect whatsoever for Raynaux or his house.

An outside mess

The exterior of the house didn’t fare any better. Just like the inside, the tenants left piles of trash and debris. The whole property was a horrible mess.

Time to call an attorney

Before taking any action, Rayaux phoned his attorney to make sure his plan wouldn’t break any laws. Getting the confirmation that he hoped for, that’s when he got started on his revenge. After all, someone needed to teach this family a lesson about irresponsibility!

Sweet revenge

Now, this landlord needed to make a second phone call. This one…to a dump truck company. Even then, he was hesitant. The last thing he wanted was to get into trouble with the police. But they too assured him he wouldn’t be breaking the law. So, he proceeded with his plan.

Yep…he did

After tracking down the address for his previous tenants, he loaded the dump truck up with every item they left behind. When finished, it was completely full. Then, he drove to their new place and unloaded all of it — on the driveway.

Now, it’s their issue to deal with

Hey, Rayaux was simply returning personal belongings his tenant forgot to pack. Right? Not really but this was the sweetest revenge ever. It doesn’t matter if they got mad. With the mess they left him, he had every right to do what he did.

It’s not surprising to say that the landlord had a lot of people applauding his actions online. And even if there were other ways he could’ve gone about things – you have to admit, his revenge did seem pretty perfect too.