A rapper has been jailed after he spent more than $700,000 in cash that randomly landed in his savings account instead of telling his bank about the error.

Abdel Ghadia, 24, was sentenced to 18 months behind bars at Burwood Local Court, western Sydney, on Monday.

It comes after $759,314 was mistakenly deposited into his account by a couple wanting to buy a house prompting Ghadia to go on a lavish spending spree.

He spent the money on bars of gold bullion, clothes, foreign exchange and make-up.

Ghadia pleaded guilty to two counts of dealing with the proceeds of crime and will be eligible for parole in October 2023.

A couple were in the final steps of buying their dream home on the city’s northern beaches when they were told to transfer $759,314 into a nominated Commonwealth Bank account, which turned out to be Ghadia’s.

The couple have since been identified as Instagram famous nutritionist Tara Thorne and her husband Corey.

Ghadia, who goes by the rapper name Slimmy, was tight-lipped about his lavish spending habits and laughed at camera crews when he was confronted by A Current Affair with a barrage of questions in November.

‘Is is Slimy or Slimmy,’ the reporter asked.

‘Where’s the money? Where’s the gold? Have you put it away for a rainy day. Let me see your teeth. Have you got any gold fillings? Where’s the bullion?’

During the trial, the court heard Ghadia told police he ‘just woke up and saw the money’.

He proceeded to buy almost $600,000 of gold bullion at one store in Sydney, plus more than $110,000 at a separate Brisbane store, where he also bought expensive coins.

Court facts revealed he also bought clothes from Uniqlo, make-up from Mecca and currency from the foreign exchange.

According to his social media profiles, Ghadia has released albums and performed at several venues.

A book about independent rappers published in 2018 described Ghadia as a humble young man who had a great future in music as both an artist and a writer and vowed at the time to continue supporting his music journey.

‘He has taken the obstacles of life and put them into one frame which represents his years growing in south-west Sydney,’ it stated.

‘Through his cataloge (sic) of music, people will understand him as a person and what he strives for.

‘Whether he is in the front of the mic or behinds the scenes as a writer for others, either way, he will be great.’

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