According to a report from Bloomberg, R. Kelly’s inmate commissary fund took a big hit after the feds seized over $28,000. This is after he reportedly failed to pay $140,000 in court-ordered fines, leaving Kelly with $500 in his account.

Jennifer Bonjean, R. Kelly’s attorney, called out the feds on Twitter, writing, “Could the gov. be more unethical? After seizing his funds and after sending this email, @EDNYnews decided to file a motion to confiscate his trust account money. You’re supposed to do that BEFORE you take the money.”

In an attached email, Bonjean stated that “the BOP confiscated the majority of Mr. Kelly’s funds today with no notice to him and without any court order. As you know, the EDNY judgement is on appeal before the Second Circuit. Please advise whether you have any information regarding what authority exist that allowed the BOP to confiscate his money.” You can read the full email above.

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