Unimpressed after her school served Christmas dinner without her favourite part of the meal, the 11-year-old schoolgirl decided to take matters into her own hands and email her headteacher

People have been left in stitches after reading the the hilarious letter a schoolgirl sent to her headteacher complaining about her Christmas dinner.

Skye Taylor, 11, was delighted to sit down to a festive lunch with her friends during celebrations at Flakefleet Primary School, Lancashire, on Wednesday. But she was dismayed to see none of the pupils were served Yorkshire puddings.

The feast included turkey and all manner of trimmings, including sausages, veggies and gravy but no yorkies. To add insult to injury, she spotted the golden delicacies on her teachers’ plates.

Disgusted by the “cruel and callous” arrangement, she wrote to her headteacher to complain about the lack of her favourite treat, which she calls the “food of the gods.”

Skye said she did not expect any response but she was delighted when the school’s head got in touch to see how he could right the wrong, and what happened next is sure to go down in the history books.

In Skye’s letter, which she emailed to the teacher with her mum’s help, the year six pupil shared her upset at what she thought was a great injustice. It read: “Mr McPartlin I’m sure you will agree Yorkshire Puddings are the food of gods, therefore should be shared amongst ALL individuals. However our Christmas Dinner as pupils of Flakefleet Primary School did NOT contain Yorkshire Puddings!! However adults had them on their plates.

“It is my belief that this action by the School was extremely cruel and callous. Therefore as deputy head girl I am requesting that future Christmas dinners contain Yorkshire puddings for ALL!”

Thankfully, the pair soon came to a satisfactory arrangement. Not only did the headteacher promise all the children could enjoy Yorkshire puddings every year going forward, but he agreed to take part in a conciliatory dance-off to make up for “puddingate”, as he dubbed it.

Headteacher Dave McPartlin shared his hilarious exchange with Skye in a post to Twitter, where her witty remarks have since gained her legions of fans.

Talking to the Mirror, Mr McPartlin said: ” When I saw the letter and I saw I had a complaint about the Christmas lunch my heart sunk if I’m totally honest, and then I read it and it made me smile.”

He apologised for the lack of Yorkshire puddings, which he calls one of the “unbeatable foodstuffs”, equal to the likes of Nutella and milkshakes, before he invited Skye and a friend to discuss the matter further the next day.

In the follow-up meeting, the attendees were treated to a plate full of Yorkshire puddings for breakfast, much to the delight of the schoolgirl, who had no qualms about enjoying the Christmas dinner staple at 9.20am.

The pair also went on to battle it out in a dance-off in front of the school, where there was one clear winner. Despite the teacher’s best efforts, pulling out his best TikTok moves and performing a headstand dressed in an elf costume, the audience’s cheers crowned Skye as the champion.

She wasn’t entirely surprised tough, as she wasn’t much impressed by his dance moves. When quizzed about Mr McPartlin’s performance, she replied: ” He was very rubbish and my dance was very good.”

Thankfully, it is the Yorkshire puddings that have caught everyone’s attention both at school and online, where the story and its happy ending has received over 10,000 likes.

Delighted by her “lasting legacy” to the school, as her headteacher calls it, Skye said: “I’m very proud of myself.”

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