A child’s mood changes very quickly.
The frequency of the mood changes at times is too high that it gets really difficult for the parents to manage their 2000 moods in a single day, and then repeat the same effort the next day, the day after that, as the cycle goes on and on. Who said parenting was going to be easy? No one, ever, unless you have a prankster friend who got you in trouble forever by saying, “Go ahead, have some kids. It will be really fun”. It is fun, but the troubles come with it. A child could be doing top-level mental math in one moment and eating his/her own poop the next, the moods change and no one denies that. It’s a part of the child’s development process and that is why it doesn’t feel like it is doing something wrong, the real challenge is for the parents who witness it all happen and find it really hard to deal with it all.


TikTok user @mustangashley9 is a mother who shared a crazy experience related to one of her children, and it fully relates to what I just mentioned about kids and their 2000 mood changes every single day. She shared in a TikTok video how her youngest son in the middle of one night decided to be one of those adventurers who like to explore and somehow managed to escape the house. The little one was found in the front yard all by himself screaming and cold. The mother only got to realize what had happened after police officers entered her room and woke her up from her sleep.

Scroll down below to read the story and to know how it all went down.

The mother took it to TikTok to tell the crazy story that include her child and police, and it went viral.

1. An event to remember for the rest of her life, that’s the definition of “crazy” over here.

2. The mother takes one final look at her 2-year-old who is in bed, and then goes to bed herself.

3. Randomly and weirdly the mother gets woken up at 1:45 a.m. by three police officers standing in her bedroom.

4. I have no idea how but a 2-year-old managed to escape his house and was found by the police crying in the front yard. He will become Indiana Jones, for sure.

5. I am so glad the kid is safe. Whoever noticed him or maybe it was the police passing by, they are a legend.

6. Can’t imagine how deep of a sleep this family was in.

Either the baby possesses some magical powers that it used to make sure everyone remained asleep while he made his great escape and explored the front yard in the middle of the night. Or maybe, someone broke in, stole the baby, and gave up on the idea midway so they just decided to drop the little one in the front yard and leave. Whatever happened that night, the whole family not knowing anything about it is very creepy and weird. God knows what happened that night. And no please do not blame the mother for it. You can’t anticipate such events. And it’s not like she was the only one asleep while it all happened, everyone in the house missed it.

Here’s what the internet had to say:

8. People loved how the mom bravely shared this story with everyone.

9. OP needs to get some cameras and an alarm set to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

10. How can a toddler do this, it blows my mind.

11. The mother is not to be blamed.

12. So this behavior is very normal in toddlers.

13. Can you please give me your therapist’s number?

14. I literally would’ve had a heart attack.

15. It is beyond insane what a toddler is capable of doing.

16. OP doesn’t need to worry because apparently escaping is a norm in toddlers.

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