P!nk’s compassion was commendable as she stopped her concert in Brisbane, Australia back in 2018, to locate a fourteen-year-old, named Debbie Murphy. The girl was holding up a sign that said her mother had died the previous month. Despite the pain Debbie was feeling, she came to the concert because she knew it was what her mother would have wanted her to do.

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Debbie Murphy was extremely excited to be able to attend the concert in Brisbane, Australia featuring P!nk. She adored dancing to the songs of her favorite pop star. She was going to go to the concert with her friend but just weeks before the concert, she suddenly and unexpectedly died.

Leah was Debbie’s fourteen-year-old daughter and the loss of her mother devastated her. Her mother died in June of 2018 shortly before the concert.

Leah decided to use her mother’s ticket to go to the concert because she believed her mother would have wanted her to attend and dance all night long. Leah’s family tried to contact P!nk but their pleas did not receive any response.

They made a sign to take to the concert but the fourteen-year-old didn’t believe P!nk would ever see it. The sign said Leah was age fourteen and lost her beautiful mother last month. It also said she needed a hug.

The people at the concert saw her sign and tried to get P!nk to see it too despite the large crowd. Everyone around her took the sign to wave it at the stage. P!nk finally noticed the sign and tried to read the words. This was when the audience passed the sign of the fourteen-year-old on to P!nk who then asked Debbie to come up to the stage. The video shows the heartbreaking encounter that followed.

It is incredible to realize how much compassion is left in this world. Telling everyone you know to read about P!nk’s selfless action would be an incredible step to take. Be sure to pass this beautiful article along to your friends and family!

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