A plus-size empowerment coach has slammed airlines for their small seats and toilets.

Meg Goldberger, 24, called out all those airline companies who do not accommodate their plus-size passengers.

Twenty-four-year-old Meg from Cardiff, UK, weighs around 280lbs and said that she is fed up with all the discrimination she has faced during her flights as a ‘bigger-sized’ person.

Speaking to The Sun, she said that she wants the airlines to design their seats and toilets for everyone who doesn’t fall in the category of ‘thin and smart’ people.

“This summer’s going to see more flights canceled, and plus-size people should not have to endure b*llying and fat sh*ming on planes.

“I want airlines to offer us a business or first class upgrades for free if there are empty seats.

“I won’t pay for it, but it means we get access to bigger toilets and bigger seats. It makes flying more comfortable for me.”

She further said that she is afraid of getting stuck in the seat whenever she travels by air because they are too small.

“Every time I am on a plane, I can’t use seat trays because there is insufficient space. I fear that I would be stuck and wouldn’t be able to move an inch. Also, I am also terrified of getting stuck in the small economy loo.”

“I’m an empowerment coach, and demanding better facilities for plus size people is important, especially with strikes and airlines unable to even look after luggage currently.”

Goldberger also claimed that other passengers had been abusive to her on a recent flight to Dubai.

“As soon as I walked down the plane’s aisle, a passenger called me a “fat cow” while another said I belonged in some cargo hold.”

Meg said that the airlines are responsible for providing safe travel environments for everyone, whether big or small, fat or thin, tall or short.

“We, plus-size individuals, suffer long-term trauma or PTSD from in-flight fat sh*ming.”

“Imagine being stared at all through flight and having nowhere to run. People should be ashamed.”

“I weigh the same as Olympic bodybuilders or weight lifters. They get free upgrades, so should I? It’s only fair we get bigger seats and safe spaces.”

While recalling one of her terrible flight experiences, the empowerment coach said the plane staff treated her in a ‘fat-phobic’ way,

“Twice, I had to ask for a seat-belt extender to reach around my belly and keep me safe.”

“The first time, staff ignored my request. The next time they provided it and I had to figure it out myself.”

“I was terrified to ask for one and couldn’t find any information about seat size, tray table reach, or plus size assistance and support on the airline’s website.”

Meg said that being plus size does not mean that you are not healthy.

“I work out regularly, and I love my body. It’s sexy, and I am proud to be plus size.”

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