All the time we see on social media pictures of perfect faces and bodies; with smooth skin, big eyes, long eyelashes, upturned noses, full lips and pronounced curves. But how much of it is real?

We are so used to seeing these images that we suddenly forget that having a face like that is only possible with filters and edits.

In addition, society exerts constant pressure, especially on women, to maintain these perfect but impossible bodies. Celebrities tend to have a greater burden in this regard, as they are always in the public eye and any slightest change in their appearance can become a front page headline.

They, just like us, have facial imperfections: pimples, open pores, warts, asymmetrical features and many other things; in other words, they have real bodies; all this is the most normal thing. However, they must achieve a flawless appearance, with the help of tools such as makeup and Photoshop.

An Instagram user with the name @ssstructure, shows the real face of celebrities, without filters or digital fixes. In this way, he breaks with the idea of perfection we have about them and shows us that indeed, they are real people like us, with flaws and faults.

The purpose of the following gallery is not to criticize celebrities for the way they look, but to show that we all have imperfections and that those pictures of people with silky skin are nothing more than an illusion.

Below you can see the faces of 25 celebrities before going through Photoshop, so you can check how they really look like; remembering, of course, that they are gorgeous.

Katy Perry

Kylie Jenner

Cardi B

Victoria Beckham

Margot Robie

Gwen Stefani


Jannet Jackson

Britney Spears

Lana del Rey

Kim Kardashian


Angelina Jolie

Lady Gaga

Bella Thorne

Miley Cyrus

Camila Cabello



Ariana Grande

Miranda Kerr


Chloë Grace Moretz


Hailey Baldwin

Natalie Portman

Billie Eilish

Jennifer Lopez

Kendall Jenner

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